2018 Guide Contest

We have been getting a lot of new players recently and they have many questions! The demand for new and updated guides is high so its time for a new contest!

There will be some rules and guidelines for creating these guides, so before you start making your guide make sure to read these rules so you can ensure your guide will be considered for the contest.

I’m making the prizes for this contest very high stakes!! So bring your guide making A-Game and Wow both me and the rest of the players!

Contest Prizes

  • 1st Prize: 4500 Gift Coins and a Legendary Fafurion Weapon

  • 2nd Prize: 3600 Gift Coins and a Legendary Valakas Weapon

  • 3rd Prize: 2700 Gift Coins and a Legendary Antharas Weapon

  • 4rd Prize: 1800 Gift Coins and a Legendary Lindvior Weapon

Contest Rules

  • Guides must be unreleased before during the contest period

  • Guides must be posted as a topic in the Guides Category

  • Put the tag “[2018]” in your topic’s title so it is clear

  • Guides must contain custom content that is for L1.5

  • Guides must follow in game rules

  • Guides cannot be copied from existing guides unless you own the guide and have updated it to be accurate for the current year.

  • Players are allowed to submit multiple guides for consideration

  • Guides created for this contest are being donated to L1.5 and may be used as we see fit around the site (meaning we can use them for the site or other places)

  • Guides must be accurate! If it is slightly off, I(Zajako) may correct it so that it is able to meet this rule.

  • Any breaking of the rules or “Troll” posts for this contest may be subject to banning from participating in any future contests.

Contest Guidelines

  • Videos are allowed, upload them to youtube and embed if needed.

  • Pictures are allowed, you can use the image button when posting to add them. Please do not use a free host however as those images can expire. If you need assistance hosting your images contact me and I can upload them for you.

  • The boards have formatting buttons and support basic html tags, use these to your advantage to make your guide very readable!

  • It is also helpful to post a link as a reply in this topic to your post!

  • Gitbook is a very nice tool for making guides that look great: https://www.gitbook.com/

Here are some suggested topics that we could really use guides for:
    Teir 5 quest (Underworld, HDES, How to get Charges)
    T5 Skill Quest (different element HDES and charged fragments etc)
    GC Smart Guide (best ways to use GC to speed up your rise to powah!)
    Costume Guide[/right][/floatl]
    Dragon Weapon Guide

The guide contest has ended and I am gathering the guides together for voting on.

Here are the entries registered for the contest:

The Shop Zone Guide To NPC’s - By Ukyo

The Difinitive SXP Guide - By Emberglin

Zones Overview - By Prout

GC Smart Guide - By Empava

How to get Tier 5 skills - By Empava

New Player Quick Ease Guide - By Empava

How to obtain a Charged Destiny to turn Tier 5 - By Empava

Know your NPC’s - By Stardeep

If you don’t see your guide here, then please reply with a link to your guide so I can make sure its included.