Auction House Not Working

I have not been able to buy anything through the auction house over the last few months. I keep getting the same message. “Server busy. Try again later.” Is there a problem with the auction house? Can it be corrected?

Weird, are you doing this while the server is down by chance?

I’ve never heard of it displaying that error message, other than when the game server is down. The error is saying that the site isn’t able to contact the game server.

The server was not down each time I tried to buy on AH. I just tried to buy blizzard spellbook and got a slightly different message (“There was a problem with this auction. Try again later”). I had enough adena in storage (4M) to cover it. I tried it with the next listing for blizzard (same prize) and same result. I tried it with the spellbook listed for 10M adena and got the message stating I didn’t have enough adena to buy this item. Is it possible that the others are old links and are not working properly?

Try to clear your cookies or use another web browser software, you can also try it on your cellphone or tablet.

the try again later problem with auction typically happens because the person selling doesn’t have room in their warehouse for the adena/gc to be delivered.

I admin I need to recode the way some of this stuff works to prevent that specific issue from happening, but its a very complex system to its very difficulty to make changes that seem like they may be small, without risk of it breaking things or creating exploitable issues.

Finally was able to buy from the AH. I found another item I needed and it went through with no problems. I didn’t have to clear cookies. I think Zaj was right about people with full storage.