Battle Grounds!

Hi everyone,

Got to try out the battle ground portion today. it was limited but shows a lot of promise. Took me back to my first days on live server when it nothing but pure fun, when lvl 48 was highest on the server. Everyone will be on a pretty even playing field which makes things extremely interesting. Killing tougher mobs will require teamwork and strategy. Ifrit is no joke in this area, shoot the ogre was tough!

PvP will be fun fun fun there. if anyone wants to go try the pvp there message me in game (Bartender). the classes seem like they were on live when mages killed knights - knights killed elves - elves killed mages (just an example not absolute truth). the other classes fit in but its been so long since live i do not remember all of the nuances.

Anyways i am really looking forward to this rolling out, Zaj seems to have put in a ton of hard work on this and I think most people will really enjoy this as a gameplay option.

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