Blue Wolf [Heavy] Set Issue - Incomplete for Dragon Knights

I just gather all the Blue Wolf [Heavy] pieces and I realized the Dragon Knight could not use the Gloves and Boots, just the Chest and Head piece. I don’t know if I should leave it in as a ticket or board so I went with board to inform other dragon knights trying to get the heavy set.

dragon knight and illusionist are hard to play. a lot of armor sets don’t work with either class. I know its a crap thing to hear but i would suggest starting a different class. You may find that S and s80 items are hard to use with those 2 classes as well.

You’ll see from player ranks in game that no one plays them
Dragon Knight Ranks

Illusionist Ranks

Damn wish I saw a notice about that before jumping in on DK… Thanks any way I guess I’ll go old school with the Vanilla classes…

DK does have people who play it, and the problem here with Blue wolf is that DK were not supposed to use heavy armor, as that would slow them down. I however have made the exception and allowed DK to use heavy blue wolf items. This change will take place with the next server restart.

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