Changing Classes at T5, Primary to Secondary, Sky Buffs

Right now when you visit the Large head in -shop to change classes between your primary and secondary class you:

Lose all Health
Lose all buffs
Lose all food

Is there a way to not make this happen?

Also upon a restart weather intentional or a crash you lose all skybuffs your character had is there a way to keep these for the duration they would have been?

I believe Zaj did this to minimize bugs when switching to sub and visa versa.

If u change back to the primary class again does it have the buffs still? Or do u lose everything regardless of class you’re changing to?

You lose all health, buffs, food, poly it’s really annoying anytime you talk to the head and you switch class and it dc’s you.

It explains when you switch classes that you WILL D/C. This is due to the client holding onto information about your characters from the time you login, until you exit the game completely. This is the only way to make your character actually change class properly.

As for losing buffs and everything else, this is also important to prevent stacking up T5 buffs from other classes. It is also to prevent any sort of quick class changing exploits.

Thanks for trying to explain the reason for doing it but it’s still not right. I mean I can understand losing buffs and maybe understand losing poly (not really it’s on a timer anyway) But losing all health and food makes it super inconvenient in many situations.

Example. I am leveling my secondary class since they have to be leveled separately. Main class is 80 sub class is still in the 60’s.

One of the dragons spawn.

I already lost the jump on the dragon for having to go and change my class back and reset. And I lose sky buffs if I had them. I lose all health, food, poly’s…

possible a gear change out on one or all my pieces unless I’m using all event gear like I should because the GC activated gear is the best gear in the game. Even better than gear that takes 2 years to make.

Get to the dragon that is half dead already because no one else was leveling their 2nd class because they already play mages wearing event gear with extremely inexpensive essence with broken magic damage calculations.

I Get no drops get killed allot.

Maybe you can soften the blow and allow the HP to stay and the food gauge to remain full?

Thanks and have a wonderful day.

I’ll return to the game if classes and gear gets balanced.