Chest keys bug?

Was doin the daily in thebes. Picked the lucky bugged chest i guess. I was rewarded 3 extra key. Went to open another said key need… :-/

Yep same happened to me. He knows about it. Wont be fixed till after a reset either way.

Yup, happened to me with 2 characters yesterday. Zaj may have identified it, so hopefully next restart. (Soon, I hope, as it sucks to get drops that disappear on the dailies.)

Ditto. Same problem…

The problem is that the chest that gives the 3 keys never gives the player the 3 keys. He is aware of the problem. It requires a restart to fix the problem.

The only thing is at this time there will be no restart at least until the weekend of march 14.

That means no new content or fixes till restart.