Dark Elf Quests


I recently started playing and have run into some trouble with the darkelf quests.

For the lvl15 quest:
Begin the quest by locating the Head Guard of Kan. He is located near the center of Silent Cavern,
along side his army and horse.
He will ask you to return to him the head of an Orc Elder(Orc Wizard). Orc Wizard spawns in
the southwest in the Silence Ground.
Kill the Orc Elder, make sure you are close enough to receive the drop. He should give you
the Head of an Orc Elder.
Return to the Head Guard of Kan, give him the Orc Head to receive your prize, Kan’s Pouch.
Upon double clicking the pouch you will receive a Shadow Mask and a Dark Spirit
Crystal:Purify Stone.

For the lvl 30 quest:
Ronde in Silence Cavern will tell you to go bring a Hit List, which is a list of Ken Rahuel’s minions.
Go to orc town -warp 6, in orc town the"Corrupt guard" spawns and can be seen walking around.
Kill the corrupt guard and take the drop back to Ronde in silent cavern.
Ronde will give you a pouch. In the pouch are 7 letters. Each letter corresponds to an NPC you must kill. You mustn’t use magic to kill them. One located in each town: Kent, Gludio, Giran, Heine, Windawood, Orc Town and Aden. From here, until the item Death Covenant drops from one of the 7 NPCs you have to receive the Ancient Assassin’s Blessing from Ronde and then go kill some NPCs and repeat until it drops, It should drop after the first kill. I went to the spot marked on the ground northwest of gludin town (gludio). Its a pentgram mark on the ground.
You have to go to a specific location (it will be visible on the ground) and double-click on the letter to conjure this NPC.
Ronde gives you a pouch containing Shadow Gloves (AC -1, +1 CON) and Spirit Crystal: Moving Acceleration.

*****For the lvl 45 quest: (couldnt get through)
You initiate the quest by talking to Bludika in the Elder Room in Silent Cavern (Travel northwest of the dark elf town and hes in a cave near the training dummies.). He then refers you to Koup the NPC Blacksmith who crafts weapons for DE. (He is the blacksmith southeast of the town)
He says to go find Roje to learn more… who is in the house directly west of the oren storage dwarf.

***Roje doesnt respond or continue the quest, usually you morph into the assassin morph, and then he does respond, (I also tried talking to the assassin dude outside the elven dungeon who says to also talk to Roje.

Roje is supposed to send you on a quest to kill the wicked yeti.
You then kill the wicked yeti that spawns between oren and the ivory tower and bring the head to Roje.

He gives you the assassin token to then gain access to the assassin master room in the elven dungeon 3rd floor. I found this room on the third floor (the floor with the trolls, just keep going down different stairs till you get there) but cant access it without the token (you need to start on another pentagram symbol.)

After you double click on the Token to enter the room.

Youre supposed to kill the assassin master ( you dont have to kill the assassins) which is no easy feat.

After you kill him and get the drop…
Head back to Bludika in the Elder Room, double click on the Assassin Master’s Box. Talk to Bludika and he will give you DSC: Uncanny Dodge and Shadow Boots (+50hp, AC -2, safely +4)

If any darkelf players have figured it out please let me know and Ill add the details to the lvl 45 description.

Hopefully this guide helps people get past the lvl 15 and 30 quests as I did.


Most of that is useless on the server. Uncanny dodge is ok, but once u hit 100 u can become a “reaper” and you’ll have all the de/elf buffs. And for fast walk -brave is best. It’s 5aa (ancient adena for voting)