Epic Zaj Gear, What will become of it?

With all of the players trying to get all stats to 31 (see my other post on boss bloods) it is making epic Zaj gear more difficult to use. Once you start cursing a stat the highest you will be able to get it using weak elixirs is to 18 until such point that you have max’ed the other stats and can use 2 accelerated elixirs to get it back to 20. Am I missing something here or is there another way to get to 20 so that you can use Zaj gear, sill be able to curse that stat and not screw up your chance to get your final stat to 31? I am assuming that Atilian’s video is correct and that you cannot go past 18 on your cursed stat until all other stats are 31. Here’s the problem. You can use X gear (assuming you equip higher lvl opal and your main stat of interest is 32, which is not too difficult) but not Zaj gear. It makes Zaj gear pretty much useless until you finish up your other stats. By that time you won’t need/want Zaj gear. Would it be possible to make an adjustment to stat requirements for Zaj gear or have some type of potion/item that would allow a player to reduce it for one stat (of your choosing)? Otherwise, Zaj gear may continue to drop in price until it so cheap that it will be considered fodder for destroy scrolls and not transitional gear.

If you really want to curse and use zaj gear then use 2 normal elixirs to go 18-20. it’ll cost 2 elixir count but its pretty simple to do.