Fundraiser Event #1 Spawn Event Date Poll

  • Wednesday October 12th 8PM EST
  • Wednesday October 12th 8AM EST
  • Thursday October 13th 8AM EST
  • Thursday October 13th 8PM EST
  • Friday October 14th 8AM EST
  • Friday October 14th 8PM EST
  • Saturday October 15th 8AM EST
  • Saturday October 15th 8PM EST
  • Sunday October 14th 8AM EST
  • Sunday October 14th 8PM EST

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The Sunday this week should be October 16th, not 14th.

Yes the date was incorrect.

I’ve closed the poll the time of the event is 8AM Saturday the 15th.

Wow that sucks. Living in CST there is no way I am gonna wake up at 7:00 AM. Hope it’s a good one.

I live in the West coast…lol…
I might need to pull a all-nighter…

I plan to actually have the event at 8AM Saturday and 8PM Sunday to give both first and second place times the event. If you can’t go to one, hopefully you can make it to the other!

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Thats very good news Zaj! makes me very happy since i wont be able to catch the 8AM one due to work


Can we attend both events?

Yes, I don’t want to regulate the who can show up to events, that would be too annoying. Both events are open to all