Game Crashes - Zajako Please read

I have now had 6 crashes whilst in the wedding instance. twice it has been during the free daily entry and 4 occasions are where i have spent gift coins to be able to get a bit of quick exp.

After the poorly explained Weak elixir usage policy, this is the biggest problem i have found on the server.

I know its not massively expensive to buy gift coins but thats not the point. when i buy something from the shop and it is defective, i return it - When we get something that is defective in online games we are often simply told to get over it.

I really hope you can do something to adjust the instances so if you end up getting disconnected there is some way to get back into the instance. Its already on a timer, would it not be possible to have the option to teleport back into instances where the time hasn’t expired? (the disconnection was nothing to do with my Internet connection - I have my own online game running on the same machine I play from which had 8 people connected without issue) so the issue is definitely down to the Lineage client itself.

I’m currently a level 98 reaper (first time reaper) I get a little over 30% when I manage to complete the wedding instance, So im currently down 180% Which is a kick in the teeth because i now dont have a whole lot of time to play (My wife gave birth 3 days ago, so getting online has been difficult. )

Zajako this server is great - you have clearly spent many hundreds of hours creating new content and supporting users, But there are a couple of things which seriously cause really geek hurt, Losing the ability to use weak elixirs for 100 levels because the description was poor was a pain in the arse, But having spent money to try and use a feature in the game only to have it crash out 6 times Is just plain stupid - Could you please either remove the ability for people to spend money on the instance reset, and remove the issue completely, (This isn’t a great solution due to the income loss. ) Or could you please adjust the instance to you are able to teleport back into it if you still have time remaining but haven’t killed the reward chests - I assume with the code you have added to the game you would be able to do this without any real problem other than finding the time.

Alternatively you could simply refund the 32 gift coins that were wasted trying to use this particular daily. again this isn’t the best solution due to the time it would constantly require dealing with all the crashes.

Or you could calculate the amount of exp i should of received and then apply it, again not a good solution now or in the long term.

I’m sorry if this post sounds arsey If difficult to get out of the arsey mindset when a computer game steals real life money from you.

Anyway i have now spent the time i had available today writing this post instead of playing the game.

Please consider the ideas Fixing the ability to get back into the instances will end up being the best solution and will actually encourage me to spend money again - resetting the instances is the only thing that is in anyway appealing to me on the list of things to purchase and if I’m simply throwing money down the drain, i can instead give it to my new born daughter who can learn to throw it away when she is older.

Anyway I’m off to deal with stinking nappies.

See you tomorrow

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I like the idea of being able to go back into instances not finished. having a toddler too, it happened more than once that i had to forfeit the instance to tend to my little girl. +1 for Lone’s idea

There is only one spot I know of that crashes in wedding and it’s above the wedding stand going running right to left, and someone else made a post about that spot already. Hopefully zaj fixes it or simply puts an object there so we can’t even run into it. It’s happen to me a couple times but now I avoid that area like the plague once I figured out where exactly it was crashing at.

I have some information about the crashes that are happening that may help me fix it. I’m looking into this guys! I have also considered the many different ways I could make it save your instance on crashes or d/c, but all of them are very hard to implement. I will consider the options again and pick one.


Just knowing that you are working on it is good enough for me. Thanks for your reply :slightly_smiling:

@Armydude, When i crashed out for the second time i was still on the right hand side of the map, i hadn’'t made it to the middle yet. The first crash i cant remember exactly where i was but I had made 14% so i assume it was probably round the wedding stand at that point. (I’ll try to avoid it tomorrow when i give it another try :slight_smile: Thanks for the hint :slightly_smiling: