Good $uggestions

make the old bosses harder and worth camping/hunting. at least the same difficulty as legendary zaj in sky. by old bosses i mean dk, demon, bapho, beleth, ant queen, ice queen, phoenix, ifrits/drakes, elindaire, the gnoll in north dv, caspa group, and all, yes i repeat all of the TOI bosses. drops can include but not be limited to: x grade scrolls, savior beads, evas scrolls, mgems, white stones, sbraves, essences :sunglasses: etc

it would be good for the server more people would play and more pvp would occur as the code noobs and whoever else would try and compete with me and my team for the bosses. ha, good luck. >:mean look in naughtyboy’s direction:<

would also be cool if fi was harder, at least same difficulty as underground 2f/3f



Totally agree. At one time it would have sucked for new players to make toi harder because they couldn’t hunt there but now I don’t think anyone does anyway. There are much better places for lower levels to xp/sxp and the boss drops aren’t really worth it for them either. There is better gear you can get easier, and the boss items are pretty cheap anyways. I’d like to see improved version available that could be upgraded with drops from their respective floors. But in the meantime I think just increaseing difficulty, xp, sxp, and adding some useful drops would drive more activity there. It wouldn’t be as big of a lift as creating new craftables, but there are so many useful items that could drop there, hdes frags, consumables, etc


Change their difficulty and load them up with decent usable mats. Res Stones/Sbraves/Xfulls/scrolls etc it would be worth hunting. They don’t all need to have some OP piece of equipment - I would grind just for scrolls and res stones


Walking to boss floor in TOI, even with a fast morph, is so fucking boring!

A complete overhaul of TOI would be nice and if possible make 2 versions of it like Thebes is now. Keep the one now for new peeps and make a harder version of it for higher tier people.

And let’s load it with tiered monsters too cuz why not, everyone hates tiered mops hah!

Just kidding… screw tiered mops!

Having new drops on the bosses would be nice too :slight_smile: I like the x scrolls and other consumables