Help please! windows mode is not working + daily quest tab is blank

I’m new to this server. Got my client up and running, now lv 52 mage. the problem im having is I can not change it back to window mode. Every time I press Alt+Enter, the game will close by itself. Im using win10. It runs perfect in full screen mode tho.

second question, i can not see the daily quest menu in game. It shows there is some .html page missing. I have reinstalled the client, but still doesn’t work. Any idea??


The error is nocodex-e.html is missing

The game can’t run in window mode in windows 10. I believe that’s a NC Soft problem, they haven’t made a client that’s compatible yet.

As for the daily quest, I think you have to buy a Codex of Time for that shortcut menu to work. It only works with my main character because I’ve bought one. I highly suggest you do. There are some daily instances that show up on the codex that are otherwise unavailable. Plus it saves a lot of time since u can use that anywhere and don’t have to walk to the actual dailies.

you might also need to update. There was a problem with the server yesterday that cause the update server to go down. The gm is working to restore everything back to working condition but for now I’m sorry you might just have to wait.

You can try a page of time to see if it works.

If I don’t have the updater working by tomorrow, I’ll post a manual patch for it.

But this isn’t a problem for you yet anyways because it requires level 65 to be able to do instances, which is what the codex is for.

As for the windowed mode, yes Windows 10 does not support windows mode for the client. If you must have windows mode, I recommend downgrading to windows 7 or 8

Thank you Allison. so I have to purchase a Codex of Time using GC?

Hi Zaj,

I have just lv to 65, but still can not see the menu. Do I have to purchase a codex of time to make it work?


I have it up to date, but still doesn’t work.

Download the zip file linked below and extract it to the game install folder (default is program files (x86)/L1.5)

make sure the folders are in the right places so that it overwrites existing folders.

Then double click on eat.exe after the files are all in place. This will install them to the proper folders.

Here is the zip file:

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It works!! Thank you Zaj!!

Yea, you can buy it in -shop from the npc “Instance NPC” who’s in the southern part of town. It costs Gift Coins, I’m not sure about the level requirements that Zaj mentioned, or maybe its only a #TIER1 problem. I can do instances on one of my Tier 2 characters at any level. Once you get the Codex this is what you’ll get in your little instance shortcut.