How to kill Tarak?

Hey all,

Can anyone link or post here on how to kill Tarak? cannot seem to find out how to damage him…

From what I remember you have to have a certain level of varlok faction rep or you can’t even hit him.

Roughly speaking, you need to be over level one karma in either direction, then go to the appropriate place (demon temple or temple of shadows), find the npc that teleports you to the meeting room, then find the group of 5 npc’s in that meeting room and get the buff to kill Tarak from one of them.
Or you can have a weapon that puts out either soul damage, or has good hp drain, which will kill Tarak really slowly.


I am level 2 Varlok side and when I go to the room with the demons the only buff I can get is underwater breathing one…I haven’t tried but is that the buff?

Yeah, it looks like the underwater buff, but it says “strength to fight the giant Pandorans” or something like that.