How to make fluid of gods?

Is it hard to make fluid of gods? are you mean to consume fluid before take reaper test?

Takes 10 different boss blood to make, easier to buy the bloods and make than the fluid of the gods. While it would help to get your con up to 31 before you go reaper, if you can’t afford buying them then you should go reaper and get them later.

any idea how much each blood will cost?

They range anywhere from practically free (lind/anth/fafu) to 15-20gc (some of the tomb boss). Vala blood is typically 3-5m each. Just depends on supply/demand tho.

After collecting the 10 bloods +25m (I think that’s how much adena) you take to the npc -------------> in tomb 4th floor and he crafts fluids. Same npc that makes S grade weapons (does anyone do that anymore lol)