Is Captain Khan bugged?

Is there a problem with Captain Khan?

Can you afk at the spot?

I havent seen it for 2 weeks.

dude, what have you been told… you ask me this like every night you have asked other members of my pledge the same thing constantly… Are the answers you have received from everybody else not good enough for you? Pretty sure you were told if you stand in the spawn area he will not spawn and if you continue to stand there through his timers then he will continue to not spawn. This is something you were told at the beginning of the event (NOT just by me but all of us there) when Sacred Souls blocked Khan off from everybody… and then you were told throughout the even because obviously you were too stupid to understand it the first 5 times it was explained to you… then you continue to ask me at night every time you see me run there to check it. I also know other players have explained this exact same thing to you.

Normally I wouldnt say anything here but to be honest your level of stupidity and outright lack of attention to what people tell you on a constant basis just outright pisses me off.

I HATE stupid people.


To make this more simple for you to understand

I watch my friend throw a random egg at a house. I VISUALLY SEE the egg break as it hits. I ask my friend “Why does the egg break?” My friend explains it to me.


I take an egg of my own. I throw this egg at the wall. Oh no!!! My Egg is broken!!! What Happened? Can you please tell me why my egg is broken?



Why are you so mad?

I have only heard this explanation from you so far.

I still dont know how it works.

It does spawn when I afk there one time.

You really are stupid. You were told by multiple people more then once.

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If you sit there afk for too long, you break the spawn.

How about the hidden bar. I check the spawn several times every day and I don’t hang around in the bar. I haven’t seen him since the 2nd or 3rd day after the bar was introduced. Has anyone seen him in the bar lately?

He does not spawn in the bar. He was spawned there by the gm as an event to open the bar. No mops spawn on their own in the bar.