Killed while ebinded/ebind bug

if your ebinded u can still get killed. First off elf ebinds then another person attacks using magic and melees afterwards slowly but surely you will die while ebinded. Biggest abusers are slay korean combo. ex: slay ebinds then korean atks with a snowball and melees afterwards all the while im ebinded i die. Please look into this Zajako they been abusing this POS bug all day.

While earthbound you are not able to take any damage from anything, players mops etc. But while frozen, and I have been the victim of this many many times by TOG over the last year, mops can still do damage and kill you. This is a tactic your pledge has always employed when you dont want to flag or go chao. In fact, you guys JUST did that same tactic to Ronald the other night. Also, while earthbound, NO OTHER SPELLS can be cast on you, I have tried many times to land entangle after ebind when testing and it does not land, just like any other spell wont land. So what you are saying is untrue and you just want to complain and try and get it so elf spells will never land on you because you feel that its not fair when anything is used against TOG.

u have not experienced this first hand soon as u get ebinded they spam snowball [2012] on u then melee u and u will die slowly WHILE ebinded before it will wear off. while frozen from mage u cant take any damage unlike the ebind bug describe above. I have never taken any dmg Frozen from mob via sparta and u cant take damage the instant u get FROZEN unlike the ebind bug describe above. the Snowball is not a spell but an item that may be the difference. and u werent there to witness it so u dont know jack shit just going according to what regular lineage was before therefore u have no idea of what i speak of, since u weren’t there just another sparta dog barking with no brain. and if u dont know i die before that ebind even wears off, which ebind lasts for about 10secs. Hope zaj tests this theory n slap them bitches silly for abusing it.

You’re just taking a lot of damage as soon as it wears off… not while binded.

Also, you guys abuse the flag bug constantly. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen you guys flagged and not go chao when you kill someone, because you left the screen or rtele’d to lose flag on your end. Pink bug still exists.

What you described above is just you QQing cus someone found a tactic to work against you and you dont like it. The snowball Kor has is the frosty one, so if hes using that on you LOL. As far as you claiming all I know is from old lineage, HAHAHAHA, I quite live YEARS before it closed, dont remember half of how things worked their and dont care, I play 1.5 and have for the last 4 years+. You are pissed you dont know how to play and adapt to situations when they turn on you. Slay and Kor teaming up to combine efforts is not a bug, its ingenuity. You are claiming you take damage while ebound, that is impossible. Old lineage or 1.5 thats the way it works and Im speaking from 1.5 knowledge on it from field tests and past pvp. You really think if it was possible for you to take damage while eboud, you would not have died to me by now?
And on another note, just like Voren said, you guys abuse flagging all the time. Last Zaj event I went toe to toe with the real Capwne, he fallged, I died and he did not go chao. PvP was not altered at that time. So it has been almost a year now you guys have been doing something to prevent going chao.

its not while it wears off its the instant i get ebinded stop trying to cover shit up ebind doesnt last 1sec according to your theory. toe to toe lmao pacifica the noob of 1.5.

Apparently your too stupid and blind to see how ebind actually works. All you see and want to see is it being used against you, therefore it is “bugged” and exploited. Again, its ok if you guys are the ones using it, but as soon as its used against you… “QQ, ZAJ ITS NOT FAIR!!!”

please do explain how ebind works since u so smart and how long it lasts? feel free to explain that your not covering up the bug so u can abuse it some more plz do.

Ill try to make this as easy to understand as humanly possible so you have a chance to learn this spell. Elf learns spell, elf goes to another player, elf ctrl and clicks spell onto player to cast, spell has chance to fail, when lands a pretty brick wall builds up on said player and he turns grey. Following so far? Good. Next player is trapped for about 10 seconds unable to move, heal, cast OR take damage by ANYTHING. Spell wares off. Elf leaves before spell wares off or repeats previous steps. THE END. Need me to explain it again? If so REREAD POST.

Hey Umm Pacifica? Could you possibly explain it again?

I gave directions if it needed to be explained again. Put down the pot and reread.

Directions to where? Im not going anywhere… o.O

in other words the same as freeze but my argument is u do take dmg while ebinded there it is a bug! proven by korean n slay more than 1time. It only takes a snowball then melee right after ebind lands to slowly drop your hp n lucky if u can even come out of ebind alive. GET IT GOT IT GOOD! stop trying cover this shit up if your suppose to not take damage while your ebinded why the fuck my hp drops soon as they land ebind snowball then melee? ya its a bug needs some looking into

Obviously you cant tell the difference between a snowball hitting you before ebind is cast and after. The only way that snowball will do any damage is if it hits you before ebind lands. But I guess thats too complicated for you to comprehend.

let me put it so u understand; ebind, throw snowball, auto attack, u dead didnt come out of ebind yet. Easy enough? get over it stop trying to protect your master u stupid dog with no brain

You stated what you believe is occurring, she stated what she believes is occurring, don’t you think Zaj is smart enough to look into the subject either way? This entire post has gone on way to long with literally nothing being added except
You: Uh huh!
Them: Nuh uh!
You: Uh huh!
Them Nuh uh!
Both of you give it a rest and let Zaj decide who is right and who is wrong.