L1.5 Anniversary Chip

Just tried hunting w/ my pledgemate/friend who doesn’t have a 1.5 chip figuring we could share its benefits. Come to find out if you drop or trade it to a friend it cancels your buff.

Is this the intention? I seem to recall when it was first introduced it was sharable. Kinda bogus if that’s the case now :frowning: :disappointed:

Im pretty sure this is deliberate. Zaj said this is the case when the item was released. I guess its so you cant just use the same chip for loads of people.

Yes it sucks so bad. If you don;t want it hand it over.

Its been this way since the beginning, its obvious why. Non consumable items have to have a limit to prevent people from all sharing off the same one. The fact that its tradable at all makes it extra awesome, as it will always have value. If your friend does not have a chip, they can always see the Event npc in Valhalla to obtain a one time use chip.

Or you could always trade me for one. I need an Ultra :slight_smile:

Sounds good to me. No freeloading for my plegdemates ahhah :satisfied: