Mage gears question

I have finally made my way to lv75 with other player’s help. What’s are the must have gears for Mage, particularly for weapon? Should I try to get full S grade or S80?
If I’m trying to get some GC, which are the gears I can buy instead of crafting and what’s the price for them?

you can get major arcana set, or 2014 bk set. both are geared towards INT/SP.

the differences in price are quite substantial.

Arcana set is practially free and BK 2014 set will prob cost you a couple thousand GC for the entire set.

a purple int shirt is cheap, but you’ll want either a L1.5 shirt or save for a zaj shirt. again prices go up quite a bit. for now though i would suggest a L1.5 shirt, its no-grade has DR and stats. It’ll last you a VERY long time.

any bunny king ring 2012-2015 is worth the investment too, they have tons of stats and some DR. then either an azalian ring or baium ring, both of those are cheap. someone might actually give u a baium ring for free cuz they have been dropping like candy on the giftcoin wheel.

cloak of magi is a must, its an amazing starter cloak…and honestly there are so few cloaks that are even worth equipping you’ll prob use it forever…or you win the lotto and can buy an X-grade cloak.

guarders are another nice armor piece. during the halloween event there are pumpkin guarders for sale from the event NPC in -shop…BUY it! they are no-grade and will last you a very long time, until you can buy a Guarder of Haunting

earrings and ammy…hmmm that’s tough really. there aren’t many decent options for new players. you can go with the graded items, Majestic [A] and and Tateossian [S] but I would suggest, if you can afford, getting Kraken Earrings [s80] and Ammy of knowing

As for a weapon, that’s all based on price. A great weapon for any class to start with is a Evil Pumpkin Sword, its no-grade and has some really nice stats. Also, there is a Pearl Bow of Love [S] that’s actually a great mage weapon too. And a Staff of Eden [s80]. Both are drastically different in price, but again if you’re spending GC I’d shoot for a Evil Pumpkin Sword.

Another thing to note is during the Halloween Event there are certain body armors, shields and weapons that have INSANELY increased stats that last the duration of the Halloween event. I would suggest using those until the event is over, grind your ass off during it and hope to get geared up after its over.
-Hyrulian Shield, Hyrulian Sword (usually cost 50m-100m)
-Pumpkin Sword, Pumpkin Armor (usually free)
-Bone Armor, Bone Shield, Skull Helmet (usually free and can craft at Talking Island)
-Independence Shield, Light Saber (event items sold at event npc in -shop)

anything else whisper me in game, Allison, and I’ll try steer you in the right direction.

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Thanks Allison, this is very comprehensive guide.
Any idea how much Is the individual items? There is not much items on auction house apart from the evil pumpkin sword. Shall I try to buy it in game?
Btw does the evil pumpkin sword actually worth 1500GC?

I’d have to look at auction house at all the stuff I listed and let you know.

For a new person that +4 lv24 sword isn’t too bad for 1500. But in a month a 0+ Lv1 will be 750-800gc once the Halloween event starts and more of those swords are on the server.