Need advice on bows

Hi all,

I need some advice for getting a higher grade bow.

I am currently at T1 lv 100 water elf. I am thinking about getting a higher end weapon when I turn reaper or Tier 2.

I am wondering which bow should I get?
I having been researching on the bows, and here are the bows I have my eyes on Sacred Cross [S80], Zajako’s Epic Crossbow [S80] and Bow of Haunting .

I had been reading the posts from the past. People were saying that the Bow of Haunting are not practical for daily usage since it needs X bows to use it, and there are currently no way to craft the x box? also, people were saying the X soul shots are too expensive to use.

I also read a post about the high end players don’t really use bow anymore. It says it only does 30-40% damage in cdk.
I am wondering why is that? Is it because the attack speed when using a bow is slower? or is it because bow only does 50% less damage against hard skinned boss (I believe this is the rule in the public server)?
The post suggested to get Hidden Blade instead of the bow.
However, many posts were dated about a year ago. I am not sure if the suggestions are still applied to the current server.

Any advice or suggestions on which weapon I should get will be helpful.
Thank you guys in advance!

Your cheapest option is sacred cross cuz it’s s80 and soul shots are cheaper. However most of the s80 weapons are obsolete now because of the introduction of X grade weapons.

X grade weapons are much stronger but the soul shots are much more expensive and the weapon themselves cost more to craft/buy.

As other posts have stated the Hidden Blade (it’s actually a gauntlet not bow) can be used in elf morphs at a ranged distance.

The hidden blade AND all other bows do about 35-40% LESS damage in cdk morph then in an actual elf/bow/ranged morph. The only drawback to those morphs is they move slow (pardon my french) as fuck!

The reasoning behind bows doing less damage is (and I’m paraphrasing) “bows aren’t meant to be used in a cdk morph, but since all other weapons can it would be unfair to remove it completely” this was from vague memory talking with Zaj a couple yrs ago when the bow/cdk morph nerf was introduced. I’m still not sure if anyone agrees with this, but it’s his server so we can’t do much about it.

So to summarize: buy a hidden blade and use soul shots. Most of the tier 4 and tier 5 elves use them which leads me to believe they are the best option.

Side note: some daily instances drop X soul shot boxes (1000 shots per box). You can also buy the X soul shot boxes from an NPC in TOI (-warp 9) it’s below the steps to the 1st floor.

Good luck :slight_smile:

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Thank you Allison. That’s really helpful information!

I am guessing bows do less damage in cdk morph is because the triple shot can not be used with it?

I am going to try if elf can use triple shot with a gauntlet tonight :slight_smile:

I think I might get a Zaj crossbow for the early tiers then maybe switch to hidden blade later.

Thank you again!