Questions on magic damage from monster

Hi all, I might need some suggestions on how to reduce the magic damage from mops.

I am a Tier 1 level 81 Elf with AC-97, MR 195% (224% when typing -stats, not sure why it’s different) after all the buffs.
My base stats are 25 dex, 25 con, 20 wis, 16 int.
My DR is 19 and ER is 4X after gears and buffs.
My current HP is 1900 after buffs.

I am wondering what should I do to reduce the magic damage from mops.
I noticed that I took huge amount of magic damage from mops. For example, the mage from TOI 51F damage me half of my HP with one hit.

Is getting higher MR going to help? How much more until I could see the difference?
My wis is around 3X after gears and buffs. I don’t know how much higher I can get…

or Do I need to raise my Elemental Defense?
Does the elemental defense reduce percent of the damage? or it’s flat deduction?

Sometimes I feel like I can kill the mops in reasonable amount of time,
but I can not survive from their magic damage.

Any suggestions or advice of what I should do?
Thank you so much for the help!


First off, increase your DR! AC means very little compared to your Damage Reduction. And yes, elemental defense can be a help as well. Always look for items with the thought of DR help.

Sorry not a ton of info, but it is someplace to start.

As samtook said, increase your DR. If I remember correct you needed 60+ DR to withstand multiple magic attacks on 51f. Your current MR is OK if you can boost your DR. The 2016 bunny loyalty gear is a great way to get fairly high DR once you level . I believe each of the 4 pieces gives ~39 DR (include 4 DR base) at lvl 30. You also get 250 HP at level 30 from each piece. It is no grade and will also come in handy as you relevel as you tier up.

Forgot to mention the ring, It gives 20 DR (pretty nice for a ring) and lots of stats & HP.

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Thank you for the help guys!

Boosting the DR is definitely the way to go.
So, it seems like the DR is the % reduction? it’s not flat deduction, am I correct?
For example, if I get +1 on DR, it means 1% less damage taken. It’s not only taken 1 less damage, correct?

Again, thank you guys for clarifying.

I’m not sure how it calculates damage reduction and what the max DR is but it looks like you can get somewhere in the 400-500 range if you can manage to equip “elite” gear in all of your slots. So it may be calculated as some type of straight damage reduction with other factors added in. All I can tell you that as you get in the 200-300 DR range it makes a world of difference. There are a few higher level hunting areas with higher tier mobs, especially T4 & T5, that can counter some of your DR.