Red dot next to L1.5 server

Just curious if the server is down or I’m ban? It says IP Address blocked. Please let me know if there is anything wrong at the moment…or what I can do to fix? I’m clicking login.exe

You’re not banned, it sounds like you are having either a networking issue or dns issue as it uses a domain to find the server rather than an IP address.

Try though hitting recover on the server select page to see if that works, as if it has been long enough time since you connected you may have the old server files from before we moved servers a couple months ago.

Hmm, I tried hitting recover, but after the long wait, it still has the red Dot. My other laptop was the only victim of this at first, but now it’s my second laptop too :frowning: I will be devastated if I cannot play, as in the only time I have off I try to play as an outlet. Please help. I’ll try to download and re-install from brand new the file etc etc. I’ll keep posted or if there’s any other recommendations, I’d appreciate it. Thanks