Regarding aoe magic dmg after last restart

Has anyone noticed a big decrease in magic damage after last restart? The decrease in melee damage seems fair but I think I have lost about 20% magic damage.

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I’m getting my umbrella ready for the QQ storm that goes down when the people with vala gears log in and try hunting like they usually do.

There was no change to magic damages that was not changed to melee and bow damage as well. Its simply the passive percentage damage boosts being changed to a linear boost rather than exponential boost.

Only a few people will even notice this damage change.

I haven’t noticed a significant change. I can still aoe nearly as well as I could before the restart.

If the change was minimal, which mine would have been only using a haunting guarder & magi cloak, I’m not sure why I’m noticing such a large difference in trying to AOE. Granted I wasn’t all that good at it before (could only kill 4-5 skaro mops at once), but now its not even an option.

I’m not sure of any actual percentage from what I did before that I seem to be doing less, but I had been able to kill mops w/ 2 AOE spells (back 2 back) and now I’m lucky if I can do it with 4 AOE spells (back 2 back).

I have resorted back to straight melee and haven’t notice any real difference (which I shouldn’t have) in the change from exponential -> linear damage calculations.

Before the restart, you where only able to do the 4-5 mops due to the way Zaj changed aoe last year, so dont think you where bad at it. He changed all aoe to only effect 5 mops at a single cast. Not sure why you would have such a drastic change with restart. Hope that gets worked out for you.

It wasn’t capped to only effect 5 mobs, it was changed to have a lowered chance every 5 mobs. 5 mobs was 100%, every 5 mobs after that lowered it by 10%.

I did a little fooling around w/ my SP/INT today. Before the most recent update I was hunting with 134SP. If I max out all the SP that I can I will end up with 154SP.

Before the recent update I could kill Skaro mops (4-5 consistently) with the 134SP. Now today I try hunting with the maxed out 154SP and I come to the conclusion that before was more effective with 20 LESS SP. Even hunting w/ Eye of Enemy Health and I switch SP items around from 120-150SP there seems to be the same results when casting magic on the mops.

I’m still curious how anyone can/could even AOE Thebes temple since those mops have always been harder then the Skaro. I know some people have more passive damage % but still its crazy to me!

Now if my damage was to only go down 3%, heck even 10%, I should still be able to use magic to kill the mops. I hear people say they can still AOE in temple, I’d just like to know what I’m doing wrong. Especially since I had donated last week to buy X Int ammy and now it seems worthless to me :confused:

Is Hurricane much better then Shadow Burst?

Hurricane hits the same, with maybe a 1/4-second shorter delay on the spell. I’m noticing a similar change in how much spellpower it takes to hunt like I was hunting before.

Magic (DPS) “linear” vs. “exponential” loss, assuming the user has on magi cloak + 1 other item and so on.


Whoa! That’s a nice chart ARIE :smiley: :rocket:

The right side of your chart is busted. Your chart would give you different results on the right side if the order of the gear is changed. Also, the chart doesn’t take into account the damage increase from your tier, soul/spirit shot, lucky hits(if applicable), or the modifiers of your target that will make your new damage look much different than your old damage.

As an example of my last point, your target has 200 dr, and takes half damage from hard skin (this isn’t an actual example in-game, but a scenario to demonstrate my point). Let’s say I do 1000 damage before the update. Then the target actually takes 300 damage(1000/2 - 200). Let’s say my real damage got dropped 40%. So now I do 600 damage. Then the target takes 100 damage(600/2 - 200). So even though the damage I put out went down 40%, the damage the target takes went down 66.666…%.

For magic users, that half damage effect(or something similar) does happen as a result of the higher mr of many of the targets hunted by AoE(temple/skaro mops, for example). So if any of those same targets have any dr, any decrease in damage we do is exaggerated on the target. The regeneration of the target also will exaggerate any decrease in damage done. This is getting long, so I’ll leave out an example of that.

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mad props to u mdk2all that there about sums up the problem of the huge decrease in dmg.

I believe the changes were made only to gears that provided a passive damage increase ie, magi cloak, war cloak, cof, dk guard, capt guard, hguard, cof, vala x ts, vala x ammy…

and when you change the gears around the % still remain the same…

for example the first set magi cloak + hguard: if you switch the gears around, the base would be hguard at 5%, and the right side calculation would be 25%*(100% base + 5% hguard)

= 25% of 105%
= 26.25% + the base hguard of 5% is still 31.25%

Zaj said tier passive dmg is not included in this change.

Zaj also said there is no nerf on magic dmg and most of ppl (ppl without vala gears) should only experience about 3 or 4% damage decrease in global.

So if you experience more than 20% dmg decrease then there should be a problem.

Perhaps zaj can clarify how much total dmg in % is decreased before restart and now for ppl who only have H guarder.

-the decrease affected melee, magic, and bow

the changes in more than 20% magic damage decrease can it be from switching from magi to cof? cof I do believe provides only passive melee increase and not magic…

and having only 1 item on that provide a passive boost to % damage should not be affect after last update since there is no additional values for the exponential calculation to grow on…

5% from hguard will remain at 5% before and after the update…

and considering most ppl probably using 2014 bk set with hguard, this would result in no changes

the poor ppl using s set (arcana) with hguard and magi, this would result in -1.25% decrease

the same goes for zaj set using magi cloak + hguard, with the result in -1.25% decrease

Cloak of flames is both magic and physical.

My bad ARIE, I was having a hard time articulating why your chart is messed up. Let me try again. The problem with your method is that each new line only interacts with the additive total of the lines above it, rather than the multiplicative total. As an example, the first time vala x ts is on your chart, the right column entry should be 10% of 131.25, not 10% of 130.

updated formula. Not much difference for most players…

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I guess cof got updated, that cloak only has melee stats should only be physical % increase only…

Even if it was both using cof, hguard, vala x ts and ammy only has a -10.165% decrease

And still is 25% more than the rest of the 1.5 world… And to some 50 or 55% …