Shamrock Shop Change

I think there should be a permanent option added to the Shamrock shop allowing players to buy back GC at 2 shamrocks per GC.

No way. otherwise the people who spun with only shamrock tokens and got lucky would turn free shamrock tokens into 50k gc.

Also gc are worth far more than 2 shamrocks anyways.

The shop is continually getting new items and it updates and swaps out items randomly every 10 minutes currently, will be switched to hourly tomorrow, to encourage people to buy the low priced items to manually cycle new items in.

would be interesting to make the tokens you win go to your warehouse and be tradable with players as a form of currency, could be the penny to your gc dollar haha. although it’s fine the way it is now.

now that’s not a bad idea at all, but maybe for next year, I’ve spent way more time then planned on this event