Soul Battery 10+

For those that want to sell this item, you should know the game. The shop sells a 10k sxp battery for 65 gift coins. Which is a really overpriced item for 10k, thanks Zajako, so you shouldn’t price your sale on this. The 100k sxp 10+ value is at most 30 gc when you factor in that you can do 4 wedding runs for 32 gift coins and get over 100k. Just my 2 cents.

At one time soul battery 10+ sold upwards of 450 GC, however, that was before the wedding instance. The current prices reflect the increased supply ad lower demand.

Even other instances give just as much, 450 gc you got ripped.

That was before the instances and they were very rare. When you consider that the 10K SXP version sold for 65 GC at the shop, 450 GC for 100K SXP wasn’t all that bad.

Considering that donations now give 9 per $, its staggering to think paying 450 for this wasn’t bad. Im sure it was much lower at the time you speak.