SXP question when level up

Does SXP decrease when the level of gears increase? I used to receive about 200 SXP but when the item upgrades to lv20 it drops to 150 SXP each kill. And lv25 aferward, It is only 100 SXP for the same mob. DO you get more SXP at lower level? if that’s the case, when you have something at lv25+ and something at lv0, how would SXP be allocated between gears?

The SXP you get from a given mob is the no matter what level you or you items are. If you equip more than one soul or X item then the SXP is divided evenly among all items. Meaning that if you equip 3 soul items and a mob gives 300 SXP, each will get 100 SXP. The lower level items level faster because the SXP between levels is much less. As you get in the mid and upper 20’s it requires much more SXP to lvl. Also, Zaj changes the SXP rate now and then. Currently it is at 2X. Not too long ago it was 2.5X and even 3X for short periods. That may account for the the differences that you’ve been seeing.

Thank you for the reply.

This is for non-x/special grade items

That does not include smellin. the lvl requirements are as follows. It only takes about 76% of the SXP needed for soul weapons to reach lvl 30. Then again it’s not as powerful bit it is a decent weapon to use as you tier up.