T5 Spells Video Demonstrations

I’ll post the videos here as I make them most of these tests are with minimal gear, so the damage values don’t mean much if anything.

Grace Aligned - Vamp Touch (early testing, but shows how grace aligned changes the spells)

Grace Aligned - VampTouch, Eruption, Sunburst

Grace Aligned - Eruption (showing the much improved cast reuse time)

Grace Aligned - Sunburst (showing the improved cast reuse time)

Grace Aligned - Call Lightning

Grace Aligned - Cone of Cold

Grace Aligned - Meteor Strike

Grace Aligned - Destroy

Grace Aligned - Lesser Heal, Heal, Greater Heal, Full Heal

Glory’s Cry (Royal Buff, boosts Tier Damage & Tier DR)

Justice of Eva (Elf Buff, alters damage based on range, 0.5x to 4x damage)

Oath Breaker (Dark Elf Buff, alters crits and dmg for DE weapons and greatly enhances dmg shortly after coming out of invis)

Ultimate Defense (Knight Buff, reduces incoming Tier Damage to 0 and reflects 20% of normal damage back onto the attacker (yes there will be a reflect dmg cap) while 80% of the normal damage will still come through depending on DR/AC)

SWEET ANIMATIONS!!! tbh tho if something is related to COI/coming out of COI its utterly useless. UNLESS there is something being completely changed about COI. Kinda like the fafu item that lets you see people in coi…there is no point to that currently.

You could say the same about the bow one as the monsters get up on you pretty fast. However, if you hunt with a friend and have them tank(for the bow spell) or have them cast detect (for the de) to pull you out of coi and blam, you’re doing crazy dmg.