Weak fluids question

Hi everyone.
Im new at 1.5 lineage and have a question about weak fluids.
At level 100, if i raise 1 stats to 18 using weaks, i still be able to level this stats under level 100?
I already have 13 str at 100. using weaks to 18, at 101 i can raise to 19?

Yes, you can use the stat at 101 to raise str to 19.

ty vm mdk2all.

i apreciate.

Stat Selection/Custom Stat Systems

The basic rule to remember when adding stats is that you want
your initial CON to be 18. This allows for a good HP gain through the
first stage of leveling. The other stats can go wherever you feel you
will get the most from. Some of the stats on the server give custom
attributes. Here is a rundown of what each one gives, along with some
recommended allocations.

STR: Affects melee hit strength, carrying capacity, and chance to
hit (melee only). Boost this after CON if you are a Knight, Dark Elf,
melee Elf, or Prince.

DEX: Affects evasion rate, AC, chance to hit (melee and ranged), and
ranged weapon damage. AC Bonus is capped at 1ac/4lvls (@ 18 DEX). Boost
this after CON if you are a bow Elf, or after CON and STR if you are a
Knight, Dark Elf, melee Elf, or Prince.

CON: Affects HP gained per level, HP regeneration rate, and carrying
capacity. This is arguably the most important stat, and most people
will try to get this to 25 or above before adding any other stats. Only
base CON will affect your HP gained; items do not count.

WIS: Affects MP gained per level, MP regeneration rate, and magic
resistance. The higher your WIS, the higher your MR, even if it comes
from items. As with CON, only base WIS will affect your MP gain per
level. Boost this after your other main stats are finished.

INT: Affects spell power and casting costs. The higher your INT, the
more damage your attack spells will do. You will also get a small
discount on the MP needed to cast. Boost this after CON if you are a

CHA: This is a special stat. On other servers, Charisma serves
little to no purpose. On L1.5, however, it has been customized to
provide a very important bonus: Luck. The higher your luck, the better
chance you have to enchant an item, land a weapon proc, gain extra
Experience and Soul Experience from kills, or do up to 50% extra damage!

  • Many players now consider CHA the most important stat to boost after
    CON and STR (INT for magic users).

Recommended Starting and High Level Stats for Some Characters:

These are by no means the only way to distribute stats. Make
your own decisions based on the merits of each stat and how you want to
use your character.

Knight: STR 16, DEX 14, CON 18, WIS 9, INT 8, CHA 12

  • @ Lv 100 (using 10 Fluid of the Gods): STR 29, DEX 18, CON 31, WIS
    25, INT 9, CHA 25

Elf (Ranged): STR 11, DEX 13, CON 18, WIS 12, INT 12, CHA 9

  • @ Lv 100 (using 10 Fluid): STR 15, DEX 29, CON 31, WIS 25, INT 12,
    CHA 25

Dark Elf: STR 12, DEX 15, CON 18, WIS 10, INT 11, CHA 9

  • @ Lv 100 (using 10 Fluid): STR 29, DEX 18, CON 31, WIS 25, INT 11,
    CHA 21

Wizard: STR 8, DEX 7, CON 18, WIS 18, INT 16, CHA 8

  • @ Lv 100 (using 10 Fluid): STR 8, DEX 18, CON 31, WIS 25, INT 29, CHA

Stat Systems/De-leveling

Level-Up Stats

This is the classic version of stat point gains. For every
level you gain starting at 51, you will gain 1 stat point. This
continues until you reach the maximum level of 115. Therefore, at 115,
you will have gained 65 points to apply in any way you choose.

Stat Cursing

Cursing is a custom feature of the server that can be used to
make a character stronger. In order to curse a stat, visit the Curse
Merchant located at -warp 8 to the south of the storage dwarf. Each
curse will cost you 25 million Adena and will take away between 1 and 3
stat points randomly on the stat you select. You might be wondering how
weakening your stats can make you stronger. Well, every time you curse a
stat, you are given 1 more slot to use a Fluid or Elixir. You can drink
any Fluid you want after you curse a stat. For example, if you curse
CHA, you can then use a DEX Fluid.

There are several dangers to using the curse system. One of
them is that you can quickly ruin your character. This happens when you
have a streak of bad luck. Say you want to curse your DEX to get another
few points in CHA. You curse DEX and lose 3 points. You do it again,
and the same thing happens. You’ve now lost 6 points of DEX, but only
gained 2 points of CHA.

  • You can curse your stats at any time as long you have at least 10
    base points in the stat. You cannot curse any stat that is below 10,
    but the curse can still take 3 points away (you can go from 10 to

Fluid of the Gods vs. Elixirs

There is much debate as to which of these to use. To put it
in basic terms, each character has the ability to use a total of TEN
Fluid of the Gods and Elixirs. There are benefits and drawbacks to each.
Elixirs can be used at any level, but you can only use FIVE. You also
cannot go above 25 points in any stat with Elixirs. Fluid of the Gods
can only be used at level 100 or above, but the benefit comes from being
able to apply them on stats that are already 25 or above, up to 31
points in each stat.

You can see the obvious downside to using 5 Elixirs while you
are low level: it restricts you from being able to apply 10 Fluids at
level 100 and putting one stat at 31 (6 Fluids needed), and another stat
at 29 (4 Fluids needed). Instead, using 5 Elixirs will force you to
curse your stats to use more than 5 Fluids, which can possibly ruin your
character as explained before.

Most players will tell you to NEVER use Elixirs, but there
are very specific times when they may come in handy. One of these is
when you are trying to make a character with a specific purpose, like a
storage character. You don’t want to level all the way to 100, but you
need extra strength to carry the items you wish to store. You can use
Elixirs in this case to give you a quick 5 STR.

  • Elixirs can be obtained from monsters on Dream Island, but most
    players will provide them to you free if you ask.

  • Fluid of the Gods is crafted by the dwarf in the 4th Floor of the
    Imperial Tomb. This is a very difficult area, and it is recommended
    that you take a strong player or two with you to guard you while you
    craft. See the Item Guide for the exact materials that are needed.
    Mid-Grade Elixirs are sold at the IoP shop.

Weak Elixirs

These were created for high-level, rich players who need to
either fix their stats because they previously used Elixirs, or who want
to take more than one stat to 31 points through stat cursing. Each Weak
Elixir costs around 500 million Adena at the -warp 8 vendor. You must
currently or previously have been level 100 in order to use them. When
used, they give 1 point to the specified stat. The maximum that a stat
can be raised to using Weak Elixirs is 18, but you can use an unlimited
amount of them, making them useful for those players rich enough to
repeatedly curse and raise their stats.

Mid-Grade Elixirs

These elixirs can be used after you have taken up your 10
Elixir and Fluid slots. You can use another 5 Mid-Grades to finish
raising your stats. You can only use Mid-Grade on stats with 18-25
points, and once you use 5, you must curse 5 times to be able to use
Fluids again. For this reason, you must be VERY careful of when you
choose to use your Mid-Grade slots. Most characters wait until their
stats are only 5 points away from being completely finished, to avoid
the risk of using Mid-Grades and then having to curse again to use
Fluids. Mid-Grade Elixirs are sold at the IoP shop.

Ultra Elixirs

Ultra Elixirs are a reward for those players who reach the
level cap of 115. These players are given the option of visiting the NPC
Lanore in SKT to “trade” 15 of their levels for an Ultra Elixir of
their choice, which adds 1 stat point. Ultra Elixirs are the only thing
that can take a stat past 31 points, all the way up to 40. They also
provide the added bonus of 200 HP and MP when they are used. There is no
cap on how many can be used, meaning it is possible to get ALL your
stats up to 40 if you are smart with stat allocation, rich enough to
afford many Weak Elixirs and curses, and dedicated enough to level to
115 54 times!

This is an Edited repost of the original stat and leveling guide.


Ty vm.
Great post =)

If you have any other questions on it feel free to whisper me I’ll be glad to help out.

Also all the notes about 10 fluids, it’s actually 11. So inorder to get 2 stats to 31 you only need to curse once [(11 fluids + 1 curse = 12 total fluids) 2 stats to 31]

ty vm Allison.
Another question: if i decide save points since level 90 for example and change to reaper at lvl 100.
Those 10 points, im still able to use in reaper form?
Ty again.

As far as I know you can use level up stats for any level you haven’t used them yet. But you have to get back to the level you gained the stat at to use it again. So if you turn reaper at lvl 100, and haven’t used any stat points since 90 (10 levels of stats) then you have to get back to level 90 again to use the stat. I’ve never heard of anyone doing that.

The only time I’ve heard about people forgo using stats is at level 114 & 115 until they can make ALL their stats 31 (long story)

But for a casual player I would think its just best to use the stat points when you get them.

Im trying to do this way while hunt at skt for weaks. That way i can manage to put my 5th stat at 25.
Just giving it a try.
Some ppls explained about save at 114-115, manage to get 20 on last stats.