2015 Spring Donation Event Winners

The winners have been picked and now they are posted!! Click the link below to both see the winners and claim your prize.

If you are one of these winners make sure you are logged in on the site with the same account that your winning character is on. Then click the claim button next to your character’s name.

Fill out the form and select your prizes if you had a choice of prizes. To forfeit your mailed prize, simply leave your address blank.

For all Promotion Code prizes, your prize will be emailed out at a later date. This prize will be a code that will give you a limited edition item in game.

To see the winners and/or claim your prize, go here:
2015 Spring Donation Event Winners

So what about the wheel spins and gift coin rewards?
Also what if the name that won is no longer named the same?

If the name is no longer the same, you need to create a support ticket to claim it.

There is no “wheel spins” and “gift coin” rewards… if you’re talking about the “You will still receive gift coins and spin tokens as normal.” line in the donation event post, its referring to all normal donation awards are still applied at the time of donation.

Never received my Limited Edition Item Promo Code :frowning:

The donation event before this one, I am pretty sure I got a Limited Edition Item Promo Code, but I haven’t seen any information on that since this latest one completed. Thought usually those are done around the time of the next donation event drawing.

Just saying. It says I get one and have not gotten one.