2017 Spring/Summer Donation Event Winners

Click the link below to see the list of donation event winners and the ability to claim your prize. You must login on the account for that character for the prize claim button to show up.


I didn’t get my 3 Aden chest lol :dizzy_face::+1:

I tried to claim my prizes about 2 hours ago. Button at the bottom still says submitting. Never got the prizes.Just tried to try it again and says I already claimed the prize.

Same here zajako :sob::sob: it say claim but didn’t get anything an can’t won’t allow you to press claim again

looking into it and will fix this guys!

Prize Claim is now fixed!

You can just try claiming your prize again if it failed previously.

I tried to install game but doesnt give me any online server.

Did you try going into the file and clicking on login.exe?

Also try running as admin, disabling firewalls and/or anti-virus.