2018 Guide Contest Winners

Here are the winners based on the judging of 3 unbiased friends scoring the guides in terms of Readability/Formatting, Usefulness and Overall Quality. I’ve Averaged the scores together to determine the order of the guides from highest average score to lowest. The first 4 winners will get the prizes announced, the remaining will get a consolation prize. The scores were really close, congratulations to all the winners! Thanks for making these guides!

First Place:

Zones Overview - By Prout

Second Place:

The Definitive SXP Guide - By Emberglin

Third Place:

How to get Tier 5 skills - By Empava

Fourth Place:

The Shop Zone Guide To NPC’s - By Ukyo

To claim your prize send an email to zajako@gmail.com with the selected weapon of the type according to your prize you won. You can see which weapon type in the original post: 2018 Guide Contest

For those who did not place in the top 4, I’ll be delivering your consolation prize to your character directly.

Gratz to all winners. Nice job on guides by all.