2019 Easter Event

Event Details
Bunny type monsters are spawned across Talking Island. These monsters drop materials used to craft bunny items that can be upgraded into Loyalty bunny items. You can craft these items and upgrade them by talking to Frintezza’s Seamstress in SKT, Aden or Valhalla

New Items
A new 2019 Bunny Set with an additional level with stat enhances including PEN and RES. It is also worth noting that the set bonus for these new bunny items is huge! Click on any of the above items to see the stat increases!

Loyalty Ring of the Bunny Queen - 2019 - It can drop from the Bunny Queen or be crafted. This ring also adds a 13% reduction to incoming pvp damage.

Bunny Undies of Loyalty - 2019 - Decreases incoming damage for pvp by 23%

Golden Egg of Loyalty - 2019 - Jewel for socketing into brooches. This jewel adds stats and boosts luck. It also increases Magic and Physical damage by 7%. In addition this jewel adds 50 PEN stat.

Easter Loyalty Seal - 2019 - These are obtainable from Ives for 2 GC each. They are used to upgrade Bunny equipment into Loyalty Bunny Equipment.

Egg Hunt
The egg hunt in -shop is re-enabled allowing you to search for eggs for great prizes! See the Bunny in game for more details!