2019 Spring/Summer/Temporal Donation Event Winners

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HI I finally got characters to work, until today I could only log in to one. I had redeemed my prizes but they are not on any character. And it claims I got them but I search many times all characters today and not there. As well my main character lost levels and now is a Princess instead of a reeper. I was at level 103 and just about to turn 104. Now it oddly say on screen level 99 princess.
I lost ton hit points and magic power as well stats due to it thinks I am a royal. Also the only place I can use spells that works is only one spot in game that is warp 8 going to collect the coins for reeper and other skills going in the dungeon. Any other place in typical warp 8 area with monsters you cannot use any spells and any other place I try in this game they do not work except the two reeper skills. Heal to immune to harm etc does nothing in many zones I tried, only the weapon works. .
Even in the dungeon that I can get some spells to work the immune to harm to heal does not work either. Or any other reeper skills except the poison protection one and the other typical one.Typical spells like firestorm does and tornado only in dungeon,
Always will give this error, it will say select alien? And then you choose yourself or a monster and then nothing happens when you do. The pauldron scrolls do not work as well say you cannot use. If you could fix the prizes I won that be great. In case the thing is messed up I had picked the boots of the Forest X and none of the other items won showed up either.
. I am sure it has something likely to do with it thinks I am a royal. Thank you not had good luck with this lately even the last time I won I never got the prize was some kind of rare promo code. So please if at least if I could get them I could at least start level the boots. Thank you .I know all this takes time and love the game, so its all good. And thank you for all your hard work.

Type -exp there are no lost levels. It simply displays level 99 if you are above level 99.

Please message me in discord via private message and I’ll help you track down your missing items.


PS here is a link to discord: https://discord.gg/mXj47Dq