3 possible new members - some questions


A long time ago my 2 brothers and I played on the US Dep server. We’ve been looking for a good server to come back and play Lin1 again.

A few questions:

  1. How advanced is the playerbase now? Would starting at level 1 just be too far behind to catch up? I’m not talking completely on par with the highest levels, just enough to compete if needed.

  2. what’s the usual pop on the server?

  3. and good BPs around that would accept 3 pretty good Lin1 players (albeit a bit rusty) who are good teammates and casual/kinda serious?

  4. any guides around on where to hunt (I’m assuming this server is tweaked a bit) and any guides on new equipment/classes?


Yo! There are some very high level players. Some of us, including myself have been playing since almost the time Dep closed. But there are always new people joining :slight_smile:

There are quite a few guides in this forum, I’ll try post them here, but I’m on my phone so I may screw it all up lol!

Here is a link to some guides:

For sure you want to check out both of Frosty’s. There are 8 of them on this page and if you have the time I would check them all out.

There are a lot of custom gears and hunting zones so if you get online after reading a few of the guides it never hurts to chat on global. The majority of the people online are more then willing to help. New faces help the server grow :slight_smile:


Hey there! The player base is pretty advanced… however things have change drastically over the years making it easier for new players to get up to speed. With things like daily instances that give much more EXP than normal areas you can fast track your way to a level and gear that is able to handle most places. Our BP always accepts new people but we are pretty full, could potentially make room though! Agree with Allison, read the guides, learn as much as you can than everything else will come with learning in game. Hope to see you guys!


yes come an play bring more people :slight_smile:

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Yes! Come join us. We have seen an influx of new players. While other sites are modeled after the old school grind, this server is full of customizations that make the game fun and challenging. Many players are willing to help new folks as they get started, so grab your friends, grab your favorite beverage and log in!