31 All Stats Video

Enjoy the rough edit I did.


First of all, thank you for your time Atilian. I’ve been trying to make a tutorial myself for the last months and you did it first!
But i would like to point out that the video could be a bit misleading. I don’t we should be recommending people to be using elixirs, instead from the last 20 to 25, they could use mid elixirs. About mid elixirs, they can’t be used before you have 20 points in a stat and can only be used till 25, which means u can use only 5 and they don’t count in the original -11 elixir count.

When I think on more comments I’ll post them.

Cheers and thanks again!


I used midgrade elixirs before my stat was 20. I have no idea how many you can use though

Mid grade elixirs are an odd one to work with. You can use a total of 5 mid grades and though they do not count towards your used elixir count they do require you to curse before you can use more elixirs.

So even at 11 elixirs you can use mid grade elixirs but each curse afterwards won’t lower your elixir used count until you have cursed once for each mid grade used.

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I thought the guide I did had been posted for at least a year now o.o

Where is it? I wasn’t playing at the time so I never read your post.

I want to add some information (sorry for the double post Zaj).

The mid elixirs DO COUNT in the -elixir count when it is less than 11. If the count is already 11 they will not be shown but the count DOES go up. I’m not sure if this was intended or if this is a bug.

Did you figure out how to fix your stat? I have 1 left and have a feeling I’m going to totally screw it up. :frowning:

Nope, Zaj hasn’t replied to me yet =(

Well just to throw this out there, I’m not sure what your current stat situation is but ultra/ultrums can be used at any point of your stats and do not count towards elixir count so no matter what they can be used to fix your stats albeit at the heavy price of your elixir tokens.

Oh? Hmm I had thought the stat had to be 31 or higher. Guess it could be a “last resort” option. :weary:

Its an option, a last resort option, a very very very expensive option.

All stats points 101-115 already used?

Mine are, yes. Never thought I’d play long enough to get 31 all stats :neutral_face:

At what point can yo start using regular elixirs once you start cursing? Do you have to take elixir count back to zero first?

5 regular (18-23) + 2 stats (24-25) plus 6 fluids (26-31). I believe regular elixir are only good for your last stat to 31

That wasn’t the question. I got that from the video. I was asking if you had to free up all 11 elixir slots before you could start using regular elixirs again. The reason I ask is because I wanted to do a quick fix on my curse stat so that I could still use Zaj epic armor (min lvl 20 on all stats) until I was ready to continue fixing stats. I had 3 elixir slots open but could not use a regular elixir to get curse stat back to 20. Instead I had to use mid-grade which costs a lot and uses an elixir slot. Why couldn’t I use a regular elixir if I had 3 slots open? It would be nice to know all this as you plan to fix your stats.

I thought you could use 5 regular elixirs in total and no amount of cursing would let you use more?

pretty reg elixir have to be the first 5 slots. after that, no good. So you would have to curse down.