5 Year Anniversary Celebration Gift Coin Wheel!

Spin to win and celebrate 5 years of L1.5!!! A new Gift Coin Wheel has been released to let you have a chance at getting epicly awesome gear!

Each spin costs 1 gift coin and has a random chance of giving many items from the gift master as well as many epic items including the new X grade weapons, Legendary Zajako Gear, Elemental stones and crystals, Enchant scrolls, Event letter blocks, weak elixirs, baium ring, earring of antharas, blessed and epic valakas items, bottle of gm soul, soul batteries of all types, soul shot and spirit shot X, and tons of other mats to enhance your event hunting progress!

If you played last year’s thanksgiving wheel, you’ll be glad to hear the chance of getting no prize has been reduced as well as the items for dragon knights and illusionist skills removed.

You can get to the wheel by clicking here: http://www.l15server.com/spin/anniversary.html

Good Luck! Have Fun!

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