5 Year Anniversary Event Part 1

Event Story

After 4 years of running the server it was revealed that the way Zajako is able to run the server as the only GM was by clones that he created that fix up the bugs, however there was a problem with the cloning machine so not all of the clone batches were finished. This year right before the 5th anniversary event, another clone tripped over the lever that turns on the valentines day event releasing wands into the wilds again. Zajako punished the clones by disabling their GM Invisibility permissions allowing you guys to see and interact with them.

Event Details

Every hour the Zajako spawn wave moves and changes types. There are 3 spawn types, Merciful Gamemaster who allows you to upgrade and craft certain weapons, he spawns with Regular Minions of Zajako which are his personal guards. They have randomized health and are able to be hunted by almost any level range. Next is the Clone Zajako spawn wave which has failed clones that spawn with it. Finally is the Epic Zajako spawn wave which spawns with Epic Minions.

Also the Valentines Day Event was enabled allowing you to obtain wands to summon elemental monsters. You can see the details for the valentines day event here: 2014 Valentines Day Event Details

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Is there a date set for the next part of the event?