A bet between Korean and I capwne

So Korean and I agreed to hand our rattle X and 12+ zelin to zajako when zajako is on. if zajako proves me guilty stealing HK s zaj sets then korean would have those 2 X weapons if not then I will have his 12+zelin let s see if korean will keep his word!!! or he will dodge like a pussy.

LOL. This coming from the guy that started the 1v1 for 1k gc bet that you dodge every time since Kor has hit 100. You dodge that one so hard you claim to have waited for him for “days” after he hit 100 but tiered hours after you got your box and like 1-2 days before he hit 100. He’s still waiting on that one Hilk.

You have no right to call me a pussy you fuckin theif!

it seems like korean s making excuse and dodging now. what a pussy.

let s keep the bet ok, korean. dont be scared.

btw, paci it s korean who started the 1k gc bet and he took it too long and dodged. it was back the time when i was stronger than he is now.

We should focus on the X weapons bet now, not the 1k gc pvp

Lol lets not get carried away, you were never stronger, and im the one that dodged? I stayed lvl 100 while waiting for you and than u decided to teir up when i was offline! and i dont see how its possible that im able to get that much stronger while lvling 1-100. If you’re going to make excuses try to make them more believable you pussy ass bitch.

We should actually focus on how much of a thief you are, you cannot be trusted!

So korean, answer this question. are you going to keep this bet or dodge?

I also have another same bet with skeleton. Sparta s 5 gm souls and my Legend zaj glove X.

So hilk answer this question, why are you a thief and a liar?

LOL, you just want to focus on something you think you have a chance at winning. Only reason you think you can win this is because you think you covered your tracks enough to not get caught. Facts are facts. And the facts are, YOU stole HK gear, THEY know you did AND now so does the server.

This topic is about our bet today which we both agreed. So r u dodging or what? fuckin pussy

When Capwne logs in, I will honor my bet with him.

The only thing that got stolen was our x-val set. I heard that a HK peep changed all the passwords on HK accounts so the seasonal HK players cant even log on anymore. That’s sad.

LoL!! Heard from who? hilk? Very reliable source.

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You mean the unscrupulous people who has access to the HK accounts that have taken items cant log on anymore?

All the actual owners of HK accounts (namely Trish and LTKO) have full access.

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Hey, korean. Just don’t be a pussy and dodge the bet when zajako is on.

Sparta s 5 gm souls and +12 zelin for TOG s Rattle X and Legend Zaj glove X

Damn, korean stop being a pussy and pay ur debt now!!! 12+ zelin and 5 gm souls. Zaj has proved my innocence. I can give u 1k gc if u want.

I see no proof. All I see you your claims. I can claim to be Obama, doesnt mean I am Obama.

Oh, BTW Obama is the President of the United States. In “adult” that means he is the leader. The United States is a country. A country is a VERY big area of land many people that play Lineage live on. If these words are still too adult for you, Google might be able to dumb it down more for you to understand.

If I provided the screenshots with zajako s words as proof. Can you 100% sure you Sparta give me 12+zelin n 5 gm souls?