A couple more questions

Ok, just two quick questions this time. Where can I find magic gems, the mobs that I remember dropping them no longer do. Also how do I get my level 1-3 mage spells? Gengren or whatever his name is on the first island doesn’t seem to sell them?
Thanks again!

Talk to the chick next to gereng to get spells. Magic gems can be acquired by getting “Relic of sayha/maphyr/eva/paagrio” and then refining them at the alchemists that are in towns. Look them up in the library on website to see what drops

Sweeet I have a tone of those, I saved them just in case. Thanks for the info!

Quick edit: The only person I see next to Gereng is Sorcha, and she won’t sell me anything, she just mentions something about her inn. Then ask me if I want a hint for a quest…

You might be at the noob area Gereng? You want the one that’s on TI (still talk to the chick since gereng doesn’t work)

Find the Alchemist (I think is his name) in any of the town centers. You trade them with him.