A few fun suggestions

I was thinking it might be a fun thing to bring back to the game the “Named” item sets. The “Named” item sets were a item set on live that you could craft that would have your characters name on it such as “Temptation’s Gloves” or “Helm of ARIE” ect ect. Anyways I think it would be fun to have these items in the game with a difficult crafting process and make them possibly Soul items or atleast items that one would WANT on their character… Part of what I think would make this fun for people would be you can create a set of items named after specifically yourself and also you would get Bragging rights from other players dropping their “Named” items during pvp. For example: I fight and drop my gloves to say… Skeleton… Now skeleton is able to brag that he owns lvl 30 gloves of temptation.
Now I can see how this would cause alot of players to not want to ever fight chaotic which is something I already see happening and its actually ruining pvp… So another suggestion to this would be a delay on how soon a player is able to use a Full Lawful Potion or Lawful Potion after going chaotic. I am sure there could be alot more details into this and others might have some more ideas but again I just thought it would be a fun and neat idea.

Another Fun little suggestion would be some more perks to hunting as a in-game married couple such as some type of spouse immune instead of 50% reduction make it 25% or perhaps a quicker swing speed or walking speed when together I dont know… just some fun ideas to throw around :smile:

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