A mobile app for OutOfGame character advancement!

Picture this, an idle rpg (along the lines of tap titan) where over time you earn rewards such as ancient adena, shamrock coins, GM candy. Etc (very basic needs). Even if it’s not as complicated as an idle rpg, it could even be a puzzles and dragons copycat. Or I’d you’re really low on people to help, even a L1.5 themed CYOA rpg would be great. In other words, I would love to see an app that allows me to continue in my L1.5 addiction outside of my house. Obviously the rewards can’t be amazing since it’d detract from normal gameplay. But if you include shamrock coins as a reward, you could include the spinner in the app. Depending on how much you put into this. You could even charge a fee to use the app and turn it into a pandora/vote/news/minigame/Donation interface all in one spot.

I’ve been working on something like this for quite some time off and on.

My first focus on the mobile app though would be in-game chat and convenience features like managing items. After this stuff is released I’ll be working on expanding it to having a separate build type game, where you are able to gather and create materials and equipment and use that to further your characters in the actual game.