A Short Guide on Sky Gardens

The Sky Gardens are a recent addition to the game. There have been a number of questions regarding how to get to the Sky Gardens and where should I hunt once I get there. The first question is easy to answer, but the second depends on your abilities and what you’re looking for.

Accessing the Sky Gardens
You can only get to the Sky Gardens when the players own Sky Castle. When someone takes Sky Castle you will get the sky buffs, which give +25 to each stat and other benefits. You can also tell if the players own Sky Castle by using the teleportation scroll to Sky Castle. If the players own it, an NPC will appear where you first teleport in and this NPC will teleport you directly inside the castle.

Once inside the Sky Castle, the entrance to the Sky Gardens is the “purple orb” in the middle of the room. Simply walk into this teleporter and you will be taken to the Sky Gardens. As the Sky Gardens are part of the sky zone, the area does use your 1 hour/day event zone timer.

About Sky Gardens
Please check out the Map to the Sky Gardens created by Zajako. Refer to that map for clarification. When you first teleport to the gardens, you will be in the center section of the map. Typically, there are no monsters in this center area, so you shouldn’t have to worry about getting swarmed as soon as you teleport in.

The Sky Gardens are made up of 4 areas - Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water. In my experience, earth and wind are the easier areas, followed by fire, and water being the most difficult. Keep in mind that while the earth and wind areas are “easier” … they are still not easy for newer players. While your experience may vary, I personally would not recommend trying these areas until you can handle the purple/green areas of Sky Castle.

The monsters in each area can drop ancient gem dust, various jewel fragments, X enchants, and other common goodies. In addition, each area can also drop their respective elemental stones, crystals, and conductive stones (ie. the fire area can drop fire stones). The archer types can drop arrow summoning ash and the caster types can drop sky magic fluids.

Earth (Lycan Island)
While the earth area seems to be the easiest, it is also home to the newest boss, Grootslang. This area contains Darius Pack and Blood Pack.

Wind (Garuda Island)
Moving up in difficulty is the wind area, which contains Garuda and Ascended Garuda.

Fire (Golem Island)
Next in difficulty is the fire area. Here you will find Corrupted Emerald Golems and Corrupted Ruby Golems.

Water (Merrow Island)
This is the most difficult area. It contains Merrow Warriors and Merrow Mystics.


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