A Short Guide on the New Jewels

A number of people have been asking questions about the new jewels recently added to the game, so I wanted to make a quick post with some information.

Jewel Fragments
First, the new jewels can not currently be won from the Pandora Jewelry game on the website. Instead, you have to collect jewelry fragments. This can currently be done a couple different ways.

  • Leave your character logged into the game for a chance to receive jewel fragments each time vitality coins are awarded.
  • Jewel fragments can drop while hunting the new Sky Gardens.
  • Jewel fragments can also be obtained while collecting some of the trade skill nodes.

Create and Upgrade New (and Old) Jewels
Creating and upgrading the new jewels is also different in that this is not done at Pandora (-warp 1). First, the players must own Sky Castle. When someone takes Sky Castle you will get the sky buffs, which give +25 to each stat and other benefits. You can also tell if the players own Sky Castle by using the teleportation scroll to Sky Castle. If the players own it, an NPC will appear where you first teleport in and this NPC will teleport you directly inside the castle.

When the players own Sky Castle, there will be 2 NPCs inside the castle. The Sky Jeweler, Taiven is located in the top right of the castle. To create a jewel you will need:

  • 20 jewel fragments of the type of jewel you want to create
  • 25 ancient gem dust
  • 8 million adena

There is also a chance that the jewel created will be a level 2 jewel!

To attempt a jewel upgrade, you will need the following:

  • 2 jewels of the same type and level (ie if you want to attempt to upgrade a level 2 vital stone to level 3, you will actually need 2 x level 2 vital stones)
  • 20 jewel fragments of the type of jewel you want to upgrade
  • 25 ancient gem dust
  • 10 million adena

On success, you will receive one jewel at the next level. On failure, you will receive one of the jewels back along with a random number of jewel fragments.

While attempting to upgrade new jewels (and old jewels via the Sky Jeweler) seems to require a lot of materials, it has been said that the success rate is supposed to be better than that of Pandora upgrading the older jewels. For those of us who seem to have really bad luck with Pandora, this also provides another way to get those older jewels upgraded.

Batch 2 Jewels
You can see what the new jewels are here (scroll down for the “Batch 2 Jewels”):


An excellent guide post. I have tweeted a link to it as well! Thanks Aeacos!

Thanks Aeacos! Many of us appreciate it!

The whole concept of making these new jewels seems tireless and daunting though. Unless they are waaaaay higher % of success of course.

But just standing in trade zone afk for prob 50-60 hours I’ve gotten 5 fragments. Then there is obviously hunting the new gardens, which seem will be insanely hard. Tier 8-10 monsters for even the above average player, which I kinda consider myself, not sure how it’ll be.

I’ll have to wait and see when I can get time to go to sky garden and see for myself. See how my “spamming VT” fairs.

Again Aeacos I’m very grateful this has been explained in detail for all the players that are unfortunate enough to not be online when this is talked about on global.

You’re welcome! I had been thinking about putting together a couple quick guides for a while now since the same questions keep coming across global chat. You’re request for me to actually do it was the push I needed to actually sit down and put the time in. :slight_smile:

I too thought 20 fragments was quite a bit, especially when you also need a 2nd jewel to attempt an upgrade. I actually keep 2 accounts logged in now for vitality rewards, which has helped since you can store/trade the fragments. I’ve not attempted any upgrades yet, so we’ll have to wait and see what the success rates look like.

As for Sky Gardens, earth and wind areas really aren’t too bad for me as long as I don’t get swarmed. Knowing that you’re a tier higher than me and would surely have better gear, I would think you would be ok. While I’ve not gotten anything exciting there, I have gotten a couple jewel fragments. I also just posted a short guide on the Gardens, just have to figure out what areas you want to hunt (look at drop tables) and go from there.