Accelerated Elixir question

Hi all, I have a question about the Accelerated Elixir.

I did watch the video about fixing the stats to 31.
In the video, it mentioned the Accelerated Elixir is giving the players the level up stats that has not been used.

I am currently at lv 100 and had used all the levelup stats before lv 100 and had never levelup passed lv 100.
I am wondering that can I use the Accelerated Elixir at this point? Can I use the Accelerated Elixir for the levels I have not achieved?
or I have to level up first, save the stats and then use the Accelerated Elixir at some point later in the future?

I thought, in the public server, if you have a unused stats point, the level up window would pop up every time you log in to the game.

Thank you guys for the help.

If I’m not mistaken accelerated elixirs were added to the so that people who didn’t want to take the time to lvl to 113 (assuming you were holding 2 stat slot to get to 31 all stats) could use accelerated elixirs instead to build their main stats. You need to hold back at least 2 in order to get to 31 all stats because each acc elixir you use takes one of your stat points above lvl 100. In other words, if you took 5 acc elixir and then decided to lvl to 113 you won’t be able to add lvl up stats until you reach lvl 106.

I leveled to 113 and then used accelerated elixirs for my 114 and 115 stats. They are expensive and have a chance of failing, so it’s best to level to 113 which is really easy to do.

You are correct. Accelerated elixirs are for levels you have not yet achieved.

Like smckilla said tho, it’s prob easier and for sure cheaper to just level to 113 and use those stats. Then once you are a higher tier and have more money and only 1 stat left to make 31 to use accelerated elixirs for levels 114/115.

Just know tho that like almost everything else in this game those elixirs have a fail rate. And it’s prob close to or over 50% chance. Expect to be buying more then 2 :japanese_ogre:

Thank you for answering guys

I don’t know if how many levels I am going to make after 100.
I think I might just get all the stats except STR to 25 then I might just go up a tier.
Since I am using bow, I feel like I don’t really care about the STR,
and if I am going to fix my stats in the future and going to curse one of the stats anyway,
isn’t it kinda no point to add points to the last stat?

Just another quick question.
Do we lose HP when we go up a tier?


It’s obviously your call because it’s your char, but I would say not leveling to 113 at Tier 1 is a big mistake. Leveling gets much harder as you tier up and every stat is useful in some way. If you are in this game for the long haul, I would strongly recommend you get 31 all stats and by far the easiest way to do so is to get those levels in Tier 1. You don’t have to get 31 all right away, but at least get your levels out of the way.

I agree with Smckilla about going to lvl 113 as Tier 1. It’s the best way to do it since level gets more difficult as you tier up. You do lose HP and MP when you tier up. How much you lose depends on your stats and the lvl you are when you tier. I wouldn’t worry about it because you gain much more HP or SP with each lvl as you teir, especially once you get 31 all stats.

Thanks for all the suggestions guys. I really appreciated it.
I think I will level to at least lvl 113 like how you guys suggested it.
I was fighting myself about lvl higher because I saw how slow I level when I hit lvl 100, but it turned out it was just the exp was not reading it right. I was confused when I hit 25% and then I lvl up…lol…I thought it was a glitch or something.

Thank you!

Yeah, that’s a bug with lvl 100. Glad you made it through, GL.

Here’s a hopefully not too dumb question…

Why not level all the way to 115 and just not spend the stat points for 114/115?

The purpose of leveling past 100 is that when you tier up it will start you at a higher level. but it’s very easy to just level after tiering instead of wasting your time leveling past 100. Plus you can just get a couple accelerated elixirs and use those to get 2 stat points without having to level at all past 100.

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I see…kind of. So you lose hp and mp when you tier up. So when I deleveled in tier 1 to increase my hp and mp that was a waste of time?

You don’t get to keep the hp and mp from levels gained, so might as well tier up at level 100? Is that a fair way to say it? Would you actually end up with higher hp and mp if you do tier up at 100, or do you lose them again when you go tier 3?

your hp gain is based on your base CON and your tier. There is no point to delevel, unless you’re tier 5 with 41-50 CON points

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