Account bound Gems

I suggest having a feature that Pandora or, with the future jeweller skill we have been hearing about, could “pacify” a level 3 or 4 gem that a character has, to make it tradeable within that same account, similar to what you can do with vitality coins.

This feature could cost something like 250 dusts (half of what is costs to seal a level 5 gem.) That way, you wouldn’t want to trade the gem around unless you were sure of using it there.

It’s already hard enough to level a gem to 3, that having a lv 3 or 4 jewel stuck on a character you dont play anymore is quite frustrating.
Let me know what you guys think about the idea.

I think they should be tradeable within the account for free, just like other gear and stuff … no matter what lvl it is.

making them tradeable would be great in my opinion, free would be nice but I wouldn’t mind a fee. 250 seems like a lot though for a level 3, Its taken me 4 days to be able to collect 47 dust so far because I keep getting turkeys >.< Is there something I’m doing wrong? I’m already using the 1mil a go solvents.

at the current rate i wouldn’t mind 100-150 dust for a level 3 and 250 for level 4

loving the server so far :slightly_smiling:

I like your idea about different costs per level ! But you aren’t doin anything wrong, dusts are just really long to gather up. And also the success rate on upgrading isnt very impressive.

Would be nice if the turkey’s were taken off of list. Rather have dust. :slight_smile:

Agreed Sam ! what are they good for anyhow ? I have like 5 in my inventory and it seems to do nothing but summon a turkey that runs around like a chicken w/it’s head cut off !