Adena Gift master

should make a gift master for adena so adena is useful again other than just for weaks and mids


With the over 1.99B adena bug, would be nice to be able to convert 100k adena to 1 Pharaoh Gold, this way Gold can be converted back to adena when needed and prevent players from not being able to use his/her adena.

Maybe add an option on ah to buy/sell using Pharaoh Gold

the Adena Gift Master is a very nice idea

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+1…make the Adena useful please!

I also support this idea, server is overflown with adena at the moment.

i agree this is a great idea you do the adena gift master and do the pharo gold there but make it so that he would buy back the gold for the same price.

I think this will bring the value of gc down too as adena will have a purpose other than just purchasing gc.

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