ADK Guarder vs Captain Guarder

Was just wondering about ADK Guarder vs Captain Guarder , I understand that Captain Guarder is a melee only but 25% damage vs 10% on ADK Guarder doesn’t really make up for the fact ADK Guarder has only 2 STR and 150HP more and that its also an X item vs an S80.

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x-item means it gets a lot more dr also.

A possible reason for this could be that historically grade has meant very little. Many ng items beat even S-grade items and boss items like ZQ ring have been a staple even past s80. Granted a lot of this was before the implementation of X-grade but even now a similar comparison can be made between Zajako’s epic book of ideas (S80) vs Ancient book of dark magic (X-grade).

Ancient Book of Dark Magic was intended to be a soul item, therefor the stats aren’t completed. I believe the ADK Guarder deserves a small boost. Not to be stronger than Khan’s, but to at least match up or provide a bit of variety.

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QQ cuz adk guarder not op enough? what a noob live with it

You’re an idiot, get over yourself. There are a lot of items that need rebalancing on the server, and this is one of them.

Captain Guarder also has increase to big/small mob damage along with + damage. Even though the item does not apply to bow or gauntlet weps the 25% passive increase is a lot.

Does the passive mean physical, magical or both?

ADK Guarder only has a 10% physical increase, has no increase to big/small mob damage and + damage.

Captain Guarder I think should also be 10% physical increase, and ADK Guarder should have some increase to big/small mob damage and + damage

The +2 str and 150 hp can be the different in stats between the S80 vs. X

I agree with sparta dk guarder hasnt been updated since it was released and it is not on par with the current content. It absolutely deserves a boost! ^^

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I agree, sweetiepoe! Great idea!

Funny, you didn’t think so until it was dropped to your pledge. It’s quite relieving to not deal with this useless drivel daily.

I’m glad our sarcasm hasn’t gone over your head, unlike your guarder going over Fodder’s head when he flopped. Let us know if there’s any other equipment you’d like to be relieved of.

GG Sparta!!!

I really do enjoy Aden too!

The Mighty Korean. I have not seen you in long time. I Am glad your still doing this. You were inspiration to me and my favorite memory of you is two things .One you kindly after I got killed by Leg Zaj gave me a lin tshirt which I kept all these ages and cherished it. As well a few other things that helped me progress. Also watching you once taming that goon monster with big eye walking around with it LOl. I loved that so much. So no matter what anyone say you and your clan especially one other member in particular really was kind to me and I never forget this. People like you and your amazing clan with a history like no other sure made this game much more entertaining. I hope you are doing well and I am so happy to see your icon!