After typing password and account, it does not log in

I did restart, I did recover, but when I try to log in from the log in screen it stops and does not go any further. The message on the banner still runs, but it just doesn’t log in or anything, I can’t retype password or account, But if I type the log in info wrong, it will say the information is wrong, but when I log in with the right info, it does the same thing again. I can’t click log in, I can’t click leave, but the banner still running. Why is this happening? How can I fix it? Or if this is a problem on the server?

This happened here and there, sometimes it works after I force shutdown the game, sometimes it works after i recover, but when nothing works, IT IS REALLY ANNOYING.

Please help me out and patch this bug, thank you.

alt tab out, click on lineage again. hit enter, should be in your account now. The first time is you ‘logging out’ of your account (prob your character got bugged and the game thinks it’s still in game). Hope this helps.

Doesn’t work, I opened three lineage windows and they all stuck at the same log in page, after I clicked login, it stop doing anything, preventing me from clicking anything, but the banner is still running. THIS IS ANNOYING ZAJ!! WHY!!!

Most likely your character is bugged and still in game. I have this happen on Allison account quite often. It’s uber frustrating because you can’t log onto any account or at least your main account. As far as I know there is no fix for it and can take anywhere from 15 minutes to HOURS for it to just fix itself. Restarting comp, client, repairing client etc do not help. It seems to just be a waiting game. Sorry I can’t be any help, but I wanted you to know you are NOT alone.

When logging in if it doesn’t do anything and just sits there with the banner running,

Alt tab out of the game,
Click on the game again(the lineage you already have running),
Then hit enter

Having multiple lineages running prob isn’t going to help it as you’re having to log out then log in to your bugged character.

This issue happens to me almost every day or so. Although when you’re character gets bugged and you login and its just sitting there with no mobs npcs or players, idk how to fix that without just waiting.

“Allison account” lol how many accounts you running over there?

2 that I use everyday. But overall prob 15 lol. Back in the day when vit cubes actually gave useful items it was beneficial to have a lot and check them daily. Some people had well over 50 or 100…it’s how some people have every X armor u can craft.