An Egyptian Curse (or blessing in disguise)

Reason for changes
Many people have had a problem with hunting inside of Thebes temple due to pvp and the fact that the spot has been way too easy to xp and/or sxp for quite some time. This is due to the zone being designed to be hard several years ago, but as people got stronger it became easier to the point where it could be cleared with no risk of damage or death with hundreds of monsters being pulled on you. This became unfair to those who couldn’t fight for the spot and allowed the higher level/geared players to quickly get stronger while other players were forced to hunt in other spots. The changes with the system are not made to completely prevent this, however, they do allow the lower tier/level players a better chance to hunt this great zone. While balancing the rate that the higher tiers are able to gain at with that of the lower tiers to some degrees. It also should make the grind in this zone a lot less dull or boring as you’ll have to pay attention to your health and how many monsters you are puling.

What is changed
For players that are Tier1 or Tier2 you will be able to go inside the temple with slightly less spawns and non buggy monsters (meaning no more having to do -self often, making the xp safer). Essentially its slightly easier than before and no more T3/T4 players coming and ganking you. At least not on their main characters.

For Tier3 or Tier4 characters, the monsters have a random tier between T1 and T5. This makes them hit for higher damages with reduction to the effectiveness of DR allowing them to actually hit players with even the highest DR. They also have the chance to drop XP shards and some new items used to craft and buy x grade gear. Also the bosses at the end of the map for the higher tier players are Epic Anubis and Epic Osiris, which both have high hp and low regen. They have several new drops as well.

Mirage of the Past
A new npc randomly appears in different places within the Thebes Desert. She trades bones dropped from Inside Hard Thebes for X grade mats. She also manages trades for Pharaoh’s Gold.

New Items
Bones from another world
This item drops from tier mobs and is used to buy x grade mats from Mirage from the past.

Fragment of Anubis
This item drops from Epic Anubis and is one half of the whole that represents the box from another world.

Fragment of Osiris
This item drops from Epic Osiris and is one half of the whole that represents the box from another world.

Box from another world
Mirage from the past creates this item when merging the boss fragments. When merging there is a small change the box is glowing instead.

Glowing Box from another world
Mirage from the past creates this item at a small chance when merging the boss fragments.

Blades of Time [X]
These edos/dual swords are rarely dropped from Epic Anubis or can be crafted by Mirage of the Past. The stats on them currently are temporary and the procs for it will come at a later date.

Staff of Ra [X]
This staff is rarely dropped by Osiris or can be crafted by Mirage of the Past. The stats on it are currently temporary and the procs for it will come at a later date.

Bow of Neit [X]
This bow is rarely dropped by Osiris or can be crafted by Mirage of the Past. The stats on it are currently temporary and the procs for it will come at a later date.

Eye of Ra [X]
This ring is rarely dropped by Osiris or can be crafted by Mirage of the Past. The stats on it are currently temporary and the procs for it will come at a later date.

Patches Today
As many know, yesterday’s restart brought some changes to the Inside of Thebes Temple. There were a few issues with the difficulty due to the insanely high spawn count and the bugginess of the mobs. Previously Thebes this wasn’t too much a problem as the monsters were not Tiered allowing them to do damage. Well today’s restart will bring fixes to the way the monsters bug themselves up and the density of them. It will fix it for both Lower and Upper Thebes.

Thebes has always been easy. Ever since Zaj gears were put in game. If there was a will there was a way to go in Thebes and blast the hell out of it with AOE. Even after every update to lessen AOE damage increase the costs of MP Spells.

Would be nice to have the option to go to Upper or Lower Thebes. I’d like to hunt with some of my pledgemates, but the only place to do that with any exp now is Skaro. And ya maybe they should tier up, but not all my pledgemates have hours a day to dedicate to the game :confused:

If pvp is really a problem, which it ALWAYS has been in Thebes just turn it off in the lower Thebes.

The way Upper Thebes is now, it would be nice to let anyone hunt there it actually does “keep you on your toes” like you stated. Tier shouldn’t dictate the Upper & Lower. A T1 could wear a full X set w/ a good weapon and kill there.

If you want to hunt lower Thebes with your friends, use an alt character. This is also how you can sxp items in lower Thebes as well. Also with the changes to lower thebes, your pledge mates shouldn’t need too much help in lower Thebes either.

Now I do understand the desire for more activities for groups and pledges, which is also why there are some activities coming later this month specifically for groups, including a group instance and group raid.

As far as it always being easy. That is wrong. Ask anyone who played when it came out. For a long time after that it was still very hard. It took the first group to kill Anubis and Osiris over an hour or two to even get to their room. It was EPIC.
As far as pvp goes, I don’t want to prevent the pvp, I just want to detour the top people from blocking everything off from everyone else. I’d be happy to see some low tier pvp going on as that kinda thing keeps things interesting.

If this still is upsetting to you, the last thing I can tell you, is that I’m considering releasing an item that lets you temporarily enter lower Thebes with some sort of penalty and for a certain amount of time. This would allow you to hunt with your pledge mates and friends in the low thebes.

Good Luck,
Have Fun

Since Thebes has been changed for the higher tier players will the exp there be changed as well? I’m not sure if anyone can AOE there anymore with the change to the mops and I2h not being at all effective. :finnadie:

If its meant to be harder for the higher tiers t3 = 10x more exp and t4 = 15x more exp then t1 shouldn’t those mops in the new Thebes give better exp as well? The shards of exp lv1 don’t nearly begin compensate for this. Seems like a t2 with good gears would be better off then a t4 with the same gears…if only t2 could get elixir tokens for going 115…

With a 2x exp event on I get less then 1% in 30 minutes at t4 lv 108. Since AOE is no longer an option. That would mean it’s going to take me 1.5 months hunting 8 hours a day with no more exp jumps and current rates to get 7 more levels to get to 115.

In old Thebes when doing AOE I was getting 3%-4% in 30 minutes. And even that was slow.

People do aoe there with the change and i2h is very effective there still. Not all of the monsters pierce enough DR make i2h ineffective. As far as more xp goes, the monsters that are higher tier drop XP Shards. The design of these changes is clearly stated above as to balance the rewards as this is not supposed to be the one stop shop for getting xp and sxp. As far as a T2 having it easier to hunt there, this is not a bad thing. This will allow them to catch up at the rate the T3/T4 players had to get where they are. Then they will be in the same boat.

Getting 1% in 30 mins also should be considered Amazing Xp as well, especially at T4 and level 100+. I know in the old thebes you had it good. Broken xp amounts for super easy monsters that die very quickly made it way too good to pass up for any reason. If you think that its slow, let me remind you of what this game is based on. Original Lineage, where getting to level 99 was virtually impossible and would require several people playing your character 24/7 for many many years to even get anywhere close. Obviously this is something that was changed here, but that doesn’t mean I want T4, the current TOP tier, to be something to be done in spare time here and there. Its for Hardcore dedicated players.

Myself and UMF the only people who responded when I asked saw 0 difference with i2h on and with i2h off.

In Thebes I tested w/ 300dr and 175dr and mops do same damage w/ i2h and w/0 i2h.

I’d say is not working properly.

also restarting in Thebes keeps you in Thebes now. is that intended?

you seem to forget this zone was designed before DR was on most pieces of gear, the pieces that had it gave only a few here and there. So because your DR is so high, you pretty much didn’t need the I2H before the changes, the way the Tier damage is done, is not how you are picturing it. The monsters are not doing MORE damage because of their tier, they are doing MINIMUM damage, meaning they will do x percent of their damage regardless of your protection. If you are fortunate enough to not need i2h now, then be happy about it, as you can save time/mp/adena from needing to use it. But the damage you are receiving is not bugged, nor is the functionality of i2h.

As far as the issue with restarting in thebes, that is being fixed with the upcoming restart today.

oh… ok then. I guess then tiered mops are essentially weaker then before since they are only doing a minimum damage. Before new Thebes 175 +/- dr still needed i2h 24/7. 300dr didn’t need any (only because the mops missed) except when confronted by the priestesses, DR don’t help against their magic.

It just seems strange, regardless how many ways you are explaining it, that i2h has no effect. I guess I can enjoy not using COPs and give them to my pledge mates who still need them.

Also, will all those new drops from Thebes be explained as to what they actually are/do? Or does the wandering NPC Mirage do the explaining? I tried looking for that npc for 30 minutes yesterday and couldn’t find it. I gave up… the little amount of time I have to play I don’t want to waste looking for an npc.

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the npc’s location has the same number of possible spots as the crack of time itself, people will learn them and tell each other, or maybe someone will include them in a guide for the contest hint hint Either way, you can usually find her at one of the small pyramids, 2 oasis, the boat and a few other monuments around the desert.

The npc has the recipes to craft with those items that are on there, so yes, she does explain them by showing you what it requires to make each of the items.

For what its worth 120DR w/ i2h on in Hard Thebes is the same w/ it off. And 120DR isn’t good at all.