Anniversary Event 2015 Part 2, The Sky Seige

Event Details
The new zone “Sky Castle” is now able to be teleported to with a scroll sold in the SKT shop.

Zone Timer System
It utilizes a new system called Zone Timers. Zone Timers allow you to be in a zone for a limited amount of time with each reset duration. The sky castle is in the Event Zone timer and you can see how much time you have left by pulling up the restart/exit window. The bottom section shows the event timer which says the remaining time you have. When you are on the sky castle map the timer will appear on your screen and go down while you are there. When you leave the timer will no longer progress. The GC trader Yates has an item called Zone Time Booster - Event that you can use to extend your time hunting in this zone. The time from these items is only used after your free time you get each day is used up. It also is not reset or changed by the daily timer reset.

Rune Buff System
When you hunt in the sky castle zone you will get buffs from the monsters you kill. The lower tier monsters give lower tier buffs, the higher tiers will give you lower and higher tier buffs. Each type of buff has 4 levels and only the best buff will be applied at one time.

- Increases Wis, MR and Magic Defense (MD = % of damage dealt by magic reduction)

- Increases STR and Single Target Melee Damage

- Increases CON and HP Max

- Increases DEX and Bow Damage

- Increases INT and Single Target Magic Damage

- Increases CHA and Physical Defense (PD = % of damage dealt by melee/bow reduction)

New Items
Zone Time Booster (1Hour - 3Hour) - Event
These 3 items add time to the zone timers for the event zones, which currently consists of the Sky Castle zone. This time is used only after normal time is all used up. It is also unaffected by any reset that happens to the zone timers to ensure you actually get the time from the item.

Rune Perfume - INT
This item gives you the level 4 INT Rune buff (INT + 25, Single Target Magic Damage +25%)

Rune Perfume - WIS
This item gives you the level 4 WIS Rune buff (WIS + 25, MR + 200, Magic Defense + 25%)

Rune Perfume - STR
This item gives you the level 4 STR Rune buff (STR + 25, ST Melee Dmg + 25%)

Rune Perfume - CON
This item gives you the level 4 CON Rune buff (CON + 25, HP + 1000)

Rune Perfume - CHA
This item gives you the level 4 CHA Rune buff (CHA + 25, Phy Def + 25%)

Rune Perfume - DEX
This item gives you the level 4 DEX Rune buff (DEX + 25, Bow Dmg + 25%)

Pages of Time - (1,5,15)
These items add uses of the codex of time full edition for a fraction of the cost. Each time you enter an instance with the full codex it will take one page. When you run out of pages your codex will convert back to the Lite Codex of Time. Those who have used a full codex of time cannot use these as they already have unlimited codex uses. These are still good for alt characters or for selling/trading to those who don’t have a full codex of time.

Scroll of Teleportation - Sky Castle
This scroll teleports you to the Sky Castle Event Zone. You can purchase it from SKT’s shop or aquire it from Yates. They also drop from the monsters on Sky Castle.

Arrow Summoning Ash
These drop from the Sky Castle archers and will be used to craft some items when the sky castle is held by players.

Sky Magic Fluids
These drop from the Sky Castle mages and will be used to craft some items when the sky castle is held by players.

Sky Guardian Badges
These drop from the Sky Castle Guardians and will be used to craft some items when the sky castle is held by players. Higher ranking guardians still sometimes wear the badges of the lower ranks along with their higher ranking badges.

Sky Pikeman Badges
These drop from the Sky Castle Pikemen and will be used to craft some items when the sky castle is held by players. Each Rank of pikemen carry only their matching color of badge.

Beginner’s Brooch
This brooch is a 1 slot brooch that all new characters will get from now one when they are created. You can get one for your current character by creating a new character and storing it/ trading it with your current character.

Bugs fixed
Clan warehouse bugs preventing some members from accessing the clan warehouse properly are now fixed.

Zaj Clone no longer requires control or pvp to hit.

Sky Map

I have tried the Sky Castle area. Has anyone at tier 3 been able to reach and get into the castle solo? I get swarmed by the aggro’d mops and never make it.

The inside of the castle are all T10 (TX) monsters, just outside of the castle doors it is T8 mobs. You probably shouldn’t be trying to storm the castle at T3, not unless you are bringing a lot of friends. Also, it will help a lot to have your buffs leveled up to level 4 by hunting outside the castle for a while.

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Yah, never made it inside, but the aggro mops outside are too much for me, so probably just move along.


I just edited the post to add the map of the monsters.

Take a look and see which area you should be hunting in.

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HAHAHA awesome! I was in Tier 5 land, super ouchy.

So - perhaps a stupid question, but if you havent reaped yet, this is a pointless location? o.o

Where can I find monster drop list and percentage for this area please?

If you search sky magic fluids, arrow summoning ash, sky captain badge, sky lieutenant badge, sky colonel badge, you will find most of the monsters listed. The drops are rare. The only problem is we dont know how many of each will be needed to craft the new items. Or when they will be available. Best of luck

The first set of monsters should be killable without being a reaper and while T1