Anth Wand and Spell?

Zaj, online I think last week, you said you were working on something related to spells for the Anth Wand. Was that some kind of proc, passive/undocumented bonus, special bonus like SP?

Just curious. I don’t think I was able to stay on long enough when you mentioned working on the Wand if folks asked more information.


Equipping the wand gives you a ‘destruction - X’ spell that functions like eruption but looks different. Currently the damage isn’t good because it isn’t being buffed by grace aligned like it is meant to but hopefully will be soon.

If that’s not what you were talking about then no idea : p

Thanks! I missed a good portion of the conversation except that he was working on the spell. I had to go before I could ask him what he meant.

Is it aoe? Or single target?

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Single target. Damage reminds me of the reaper spell Spirit Blast